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The Glades “Shot Girls” 

Photo Credit: A&E
Photo Credit: A&E

At the end of last week’s episode, Callie said the big “yes” that was heard by all Callie/Jim shippers around the country.  While the season premiere centered on Callie making one of the biggest decisions of her life, this week’s episode dealt with the aftermath of that decision and all of the changes she would have to make.  Oh, and by the way, we have a murder too.

The case this week focuses on the glamorous life of Red Velvet Shot Girls, models and representatives of the Red Velvet brand of rum, manufactured by Jo-Jo Walcott and distributed by her husband, Pruitt (Currie Graham).  The victim is the leading shot girl, Meghan Daniels (Juliana Herz), and with her beauty and fame, any number of people would want to see her dead.  Leading the list is Meghan’s arch-rival, Ashley Collins (Jennifer Holland), who had been passed over for Megan and by everyone’s accounts, would do just about anything to gain the title of leading Red Velvet Shot Girl.  On top of that, Ashley is under a great deal of financial strain due to a home bound ailing father, and so, the money from the model gigs and endorsements would have made all of that stress disappear.  However, as the investigation continues and especially after some very revealing videos are found on Meghan’s phone, much more likely suspects surface.

Everyone, especially Ashley, had been saying that Meghan didn’t get the job solely on her beauty and her body but because of some of her other “special talents”, which apparently included becoming Pruitt Walcott’s own special shot girl.  The only person who vehemently denies the affair is Jo-Jo Walcott, and her mind is changed only after seeing the video evidence on Meghan’s phone.  But, what pushes Pruitt Walcott to the top of the suspect list is Meghan’s true motivation for the affair, which had nothing to do with sex or even love.  The only reason for Meghan’s weekly trysts with the much-older Walcott is to gain access to his distribution contacts.  It seems that Meghan wasn’t satisfied being the face of Red Velvet and had her sights on moving up the food chain.  Picking off some of Walcott’s key clients and starting her own business was the beginning of the end of Meghan’s days of strutting around half-naked in a crowd of drunk, sweaty old men.

Of course, if Pruitt Walcott is a suspect due to his affair with Meghan, his scorned wife, Jo-Jo, automatically becomes a suspect as well.  In fact, I personally thought Jo-Jo would turn out to be the killer, simply because she seemed to have the wool pulled over her eyes with respect to her cheating husband during most of the episode.  While The Glades tends to make the least likely suspect the killer in the end, this time the complete opposite happened – the prime suspect Pruitt Walcott is the killer, and the only real surprise is his motivation. Jo-Jo Walcott didn’t care about her husband’s indiscretions, and she didn’t even care of the money in their businesses.  The only promise her husband had to make was to remain sober while they were married, and she was so adamant about it that she put it in their pre-nuptial agreement.  If Pruitt ever should fall off the wagon, she would divorce him and get100% of his distribution business.  And, of course, Meghan’s little phone video proved he was back on the bottle.  Compared to last week’s case – and even to cases in past episodes – I thought this one was a relatively weak one.  I mean, come on – what woman wouldn’t care about her husband sleeping with a hot 22 year-old model and would put more weight on him getting drunk.  I certainly have never met such a woman.  The case was also way too predictable, with suspicions being focused on Pruitt Walcott from the very beginning, and so, the ending was somewhat anti-climatic.

On the upside, we got lots of good character development this week.  Uriah Shelton is back full-force as Jeff Cargill, and this week, we get some really good scenes with Jeff venting his frustrations to his Mom over her roller-coaster decision-making and the impact it has had on his life.  I think if the writers were planning on keeping the Jeff Cargill character, these scenes with the big confrontation with Mom were very much needed, and they were timed perfectly.  After all, Callie did leave her son with his grandmother for a full year because of an “opportunity of a lifetime”, and now, all of a sudden, she’s moving back to Palm Glade, getting her old job back and is going to marry Jim Longworth.  It’s natural the boy would have some serious trust issues, and these issues certainly needed to be resolved before moving forward.

All in all, this was a decent episode, but perhaps not on the same level as last week’s stellar premiere.  While the case itself was predictable and somewhat boring, we got some good Callie and Jim moments, as well as some additional airtime for some of the other supporting characters.  It also had some fantastic guest stars, including Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation) who played the cold and stand-offish administrator of the former Palm Glade General.  And, with Callie getting her old gig back, hopefully we’ll see more of Frakes in future episodes.

The Glades airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on A&E.

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