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Merlin Series Finale Preview: “The Diamond of the Day Part 2” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Nick Briggs/Syfy
Photo Credit: Nick Briggs/Syfy

This is a bit of a sad day. Tonight on Syfy, it’s the final episode of Merlin. As much as we wish that the show could have gone on for one more season, we’re beyond happy that we made the commitment to watch Merlin’s journey as he grew more confident with his powers plus one of our favorite aspects of the show was watching Merlin and Arthur’s friendship develop. Yes, they argued (a lot) but they have had each other’s backs as well for the entire run of the series. We’re definitely going to miss Merlin lots.

Synopsis of “The Day of the Diamond Part 2”: Merlin faces the moment of his destiny as the fate of Arthur and all of Camelot rests in his hands.

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And remember to check back here for a recap of the Merlin series finale which airs tonight on Syfy @ 10/9c.

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