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Rookie Blue Season 4 Premiere Preview: “Surprises” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: ABC/Ken Woroner
Photo Credit: ABC/Ken Woroner

After an arguably grittier third season where Rookie Blue killed off one of its regulars, the fourth season picks up with a time jump, as Andy and Nick have been undercover for a while.

Back home, Sam has seemingly moved on, Dov is trying to shove his new nuclear family roommates out the door, and Gail and Traci are commiserating over Andy and Nick bailing for a UC assignment. Also popping up in the premiere to confuse the folks who just finished Motive is Louis Ferreira as one of the crew working with Andy and Nick.

Before the end of the hour, everyone is back in house at the precinct–which is a good way to kick off. I wasn’t terribly keen on riding out another UC arc. So, now the shoe’s on the other foot with Andy returning to uniform duty and figuring out what she wants and whether that involves Sam, and we’ll see if Gail and Nick can pick back up where they left off after he’s been in close quarters with Andy for several months (for the record, I hope they do).

I’m glad they’re back. Rookie Blue is one of my summer guilty pleasure shows, and even though it went surprisingly dark (the upside is Noam Jenkins is everywhere now), it still has a fairly easygoing vibe that most of the U.S. procedurals don’t.

Here’s a sneak peek of the premiere, “Surprises,” which airs at 10/9c tonight on ABC, and a longer behind-the-scenes look at what to expect this season (SPOILERS!):

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