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Hannibal “Fromage” 

Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC
Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC

Even though Hugh Dancy‘s Will Graham is quite attractive, it’s hard for me to see him as any sort of sexual being. Actually, I take that back. It’s hard to imagine a woman brave enough to take on his damage for any amount of time. I feel like his “gift” of looking is the only thing he knows how to do, like it’s the longest relationship he’s ever had. And, of course, he has sexual urges and I’m sure he’s had relationships in the past but…it’s hard to imagine anyone willing to get intimate with a man who sleepwalks and has both visual and auditory hallucinations regularly. 

Too Broken To Date

As they search for the wounded animal Will thinks he heard, he wonders if Alana thinks they’re on a date. She says it never crossed her mind, which Will seems a bit offended by. Alana herself doesn’t have time to date – apparently she thinks it’s something other people do. And Will assumes she thinks he’s too broken, although she denies it. Despite that Alana tells Will that if she was her own patient she would advise against this relationship. It’s just kissing right now, but it’s clear they both want it to lead somewhere.

I Googled Psychopath

Since Franklin and Hannibal can’t (and shouldn’t) be friends, Franklin decides to take a look at his friends through a Hannibal-colored filter. And he’s not liking what he’s seeing in his friend Demore Barnes‘ Tobias Budge. Hannibal assure Franklin that he isn’t a psychopath, but he may be attracted to them.

I’m Your Psychiatrist, You’re Not Mine

Hannibal tells Gillian Anderson‘s Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier that he may have to refer Franklin to another psychiatrist. He’s not sure he’s helping him. Dr. Du Maurier reminds Hannibal that she tried to refer him to another shrink, but it didn’t take. Why would Hannibal abandon her when she’s done nothing but support him? He felt she needed his support after she was attacked by a patient.

This Is A Skilled Musician Trying A New Instrument

This murder was a performance; every life is like a piece of music. Will isn’t sure who the killer is performing for – maybe a patron of the arts or another killer. Hannibal thinks it’s a serenade, although Will says normally this killer doesn’t “perform” for an audience.

Playing Between Conventional Notes

While Hannibal describes this crime as a serenade, I see the back and forth between Hannibal and  Tobias as more of a dance set to the music Tobias is trying to produce. After Franklin admits his fears about Tobias during their session, Hannibal visits the string shop. Under the pretense of getting some strings for his harpsichord, Hannibal gets Tobias to come to his house. Hannibal asks Tobias point-blank if he killed the trombonist. Hannibal warns him that the FBI is investigating this case, but Tobias seems unconcerned. If law enforcement show up at his door he’ll kill them. He’s looking forward to killing Franklin as well. Tobias was going to kill Hannibal, which isn’t a surprise to Hannibal.  He’s lean and lean animals yield the toughest gut. Hannibal wonders what stopped him. After discovering Hannibal was also a killer, Tobias decided he wanted a friend – someone who sees the world and the people in it the same way he does. Hannibal understands, but he doesn’t want to be his friend. Tobias leaves when Will shows up unexpectedly.

Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC
Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC

The Kiss

Will admits to wanting to kiss Alana since he met her. Because he chose to now, Hannibal thinks there’s another reason behind the kiss. Will saw her face change when she realized the animal sounds he’s been hearing have been in his head. Will feels unstable so Hannibal thinks the kiss was a clutch for balance. Hannibal seems reluctant, but he tells Will about Tobias.

Tobias, The Suspect

Will goes to see Tobias with two uniformed cops. Will’s auditory hallucination pulls him outside and when he goes back in, the shop seems empty. He finds one of the officers dead and goes down to the basement to find the other officer dead. When Tobias attacks him, Will shoots him over his shoulder – which temporarily damages his hearing – but he hits Tobias.

Franklin, The Patient

Franklin’s upset that Hannibal’s breaking up with him. He’s had nine psychiatrists and he’s getting tired of being referred to other psychiatrists. Hannibal tells Franklin he gets too attached when Tobias interrupts their session. He admits to killing two people when the cops showed up at his door. Franklin tries to talk Tobias down, but Hannibal isn’t having that. He kills Franklin, much to the disappointment of Tobias; he’d been looking forward to doing that himself. They fight and Tobias has the upper hand for a while. Hannibal eventually kills him and he’s happy to see Will when he arrives. He was worried.

Random Questions:

  • Is the thought of having a friend so terrifying to Hannibal that he feels the need to send Will to his death? When Hannibal “broke” doctor/patient confidentiality to tell Will about Tobias I was concerned. Tobias was explicit about what he’d do to anyone who came to his shop in connection with this investigation. Yet, maybe the fact that Will lived through the attack was a test. A test that Hannibal was happy he passed.
  • What does it mean that Will saw Garret Jacobs Hobbs applauding in that auditorium? It’s worrying, but perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that he hasn’t told anyone about it.

Hannibal airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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