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Premature Infatuation: ABC’s Betrayal [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: Dean Sjodin/ABC

The are some folks who I will happily sit through cheesy, trashy projects for, and Stuart Townsend is on that list. I even watch XIII (which runs on Reelz in the States), y’all. While I haven’t seen that show formally cancelled, I have to assume it must be, because Townsend’s ABC pilot, Betrayal, was presented this morning as part of the network’s new lineup, earning the slot right after Revenge on Sundays this fall.

I’m usually the last fan of shows about cheating but Betrayal has me first because of Townsend and second because of Henry Thomas, who I don’t think has done a regular series role before. Also, James Cromwell!

Townsend plays Jack, a lawyer who has a meet cute with a photographer, Sara (Hannah Ware). Sparks fly and then each learns the other is married. Despite all indications that walking away would be best, they don’t, and then it gets really complicated.

Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: Jean Whiteside/ABC

We don’t see Jack’s home life in the promo (his wife will be played by Wendy Moniz), but Sara’s husband, Drew (Chris Johnson) is made out to be a neglectful asshat. He also happens to be the D.A. who’s named opposing counsel against Jack, who’s defending his brother-in-law, T.J. (Thomas), in a murder trial. That’s not going to be a problem at all. It looks soapy as all get out but I’m in.

Townsend’s been on a recent run as a badass assassin over at XIII, so I’m looking forward to him slowing it down to play more of a lover than a fighter, if you will. This is his first return to ABC since the one-and-done reboot of Nightstalker back in 2006.

Betrayal premieres this fall on Sundays at 10 pm/9c. Here’s a sneak peek:

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