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Revenge “Truth Parts 1 and 2” 

Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC
Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC

[Warning: Spoilers from Revenge Season 2 Finale]

You know how you are watching a TV show that is so good you don’t want it to end?  You think that the show is almost over but you look at the clock and there is more time left?  That’s how I felt while watching Revenge.  There were more than a few things dropped so if you have not watched the finale yet, you might want to stop reading and go watch it now.  There are just too many things to discuss.

  • At the end of last week’s episode, there was a blackout that had to do something with Carrion.  Emily realizes that Aiden could be blamed for it and that she needs to find Takeda.  Well we all know what happens when she finds him.  He’s dead and it devastates her.
  • Declan is still trapped in the ATM vestibule with Regina and hurts his hand trying to get out.  He sees that she has downloaded the video of her and Charlotte kissing and realizes Regina is in love with Charlotte.  Later on:  When Declan finds Charlotte she is with Regina.  Regina claims that the bruises she has are from Declan and Charlotte begins to believe Regina.  Declan tells Charlotte that Regina is in love with her and that she has the video of them kissing on her phone.  Charlotte confronts Regina and basically realizes that Declan is telling the truth.  Regina says they can take care of the baby together.  Charlotte tells Regina to stay away from her. (Can you say Stalker?)
  • Daniel (on Conrad’s suggestion) has sent all of the Grayson Global employees home…except the tech guy.  Daniel wants everything up and running and he realizes that Aiden has taken all of their money from the Amanda Clarke Charity Foundation. (Side bar:  When Emily and Nolan find Takeda’s body they find a picture of the guy who is the “tech” person.  And Emily sees him at the office and goes after him) When he tells his father, Conrad doesn’t seem worried.  (I wonder why….)
  • During his speech about the election and black out, the guy that was in the picture Emily found in Takeda’s house looks directly at Conrad and Conrad gives a small nod…..and then (BOOM!)
  • Aiden tries to get Emily to leave with him but she can’t.  He sees Nolan later and finds out what Emily is doing and tries to go after her.  He is arrested but when the FBI comes into question him they end up letting him go.
  • Conrad knew about the explosion that was happening at the top of Grayson Global. He even tried to set up Jack, but Nolan was able to stop Jack.  Jack had received a text from what he thought was Ashley but was really Conrad.  Nolan tells Jack what happened.  He is out for blood.  First he confronts Victoria with a gun and she wants him to shoot her but he wants her to suffer for the rest of her life.  Then he goes looking for Conrad.  Do you blame him?
  • Jack reluctantly gets help from Emily to go see his brother in the hospital.  She distracts Victoria and Charlotte while Jack sneaks in.  He is so upset to see his brother like that.
  • Daniel finds Aiden in Emily’s house and Aiden tells Daniel he should stay away from Emily.  They fight and of course Daniel is no match for Aiden. Or is he?  At the end of the scene he sees a guy.  The next time you see Daniel he is at his father’s party and says he needs to borrow a shirt.  He has blood on his sleeve.  Did Daniel kill Aiden?
  • Declan dies because of injuries sustained from being in Grayson Global during the bombing. Emily first thought it was Jack.  He tells Charlotte in the hospital that he is going to be all right and they will raise this baby.  As Charlotte walks out there is a solemn look on his face.  He has to have surgery and he doesn’t know if he will survive.  He asks Nolan to watch out for Jack if he doesn’t make it.  Why was Declan even there in the first place?  Did Regina or someone else set him up?  Nolan breaks the news to Jack with a video that Declan has him make basically saying goodbye to Jack and thanking him for being like a father.  Jack is devasted and out for blood.
  • Nolan is arrested and is charged with acts against America.  Not only did the Falcon set him up but surprise, surprise Padma is on tape saying that Nolan was the Initiative.
  • Conrad is elected to be the Governor of New York.  He is really smug right now.
  • Conrad tells Victoria that there is no initiative and that’s it about a bunch of savvy business men that profit off of big disasters.  (There’s so much more to that, there has to be!) He lets Victoria know he expects her to stand by him.  She is disgusted with him.
  • Later that evening…..There is a knock at the Grayson’s door.  When Victoria opens it she realizes it Patrick, her long lost son!
  • Emily stops Jack from shooting Conrad and finally tells him at the end that she is Amanda Clarke!  Holy cliff hanger!

Is ABC insane to make us wait until September to see what happens next?

See you in the fall for the start of season three!

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