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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: The Mole (Albatross) is Revealed, Scandal “Any Questions?” 

Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/ABC

I just didn’t see that coming. No way. No how.

Billy Chambers is the mole? What? David Rosen is working with him? They are in cahoots? Excuse me? What a great reveal. This show has the mind-blowing ability to shock me with reveal after reveal. In my wildest dreams, I never thought this would be the outcome. Now I had gravitated towards thinking that Sally the VP might be Albatross. We’ll see if she has anything to do with this current situation. She would enjoy taking down Fitz.

A few weeks ago I tweeted how much I wanted David Rosen to become a gladiator. Stupid me. Stupid, stupid me. Lately, he’s been all about interacting with Olivia’s associates. Working alongside them. Integrating himself into their world. He even called himself a gladiator this week. And look what happened. This man got one over on Abby and the rest of the OPA gang but good. It was kind of poetic justice. He stole the Cytron Card (back) and handed it over to Billy Chambers. This floored me.

David Rosen was the Trojan Horse and he unleashed a virus that is going to cause a s–load of problems for the firm and for the POTUS. Damn, Shonda Rhimes. You are doing a good job of raising my blood pressure. I’m tense right now in anticipation of the season two finale. Although I’m kind of loving Joshua Malina right now. He nailed his performance. I bought David’s undercover presence hook, line and sinker. Don’t mind me if I take some time to mourn the fact he won’t be a gladiator, however.

Never mind that I thought Billy Chambers was d-e-a-d. I shouldn’t have assumed. Although it’s easy to do so when watching this show. The last time we saw Billy, Charlie got in the elevator with him. Did they end up working together? Is that what happened? How did Billy get himself out of Charlie’s clutches or at the very least, his presence, alive?

What does this mean for Fitz’s re-election campaign? He finally decides not to let the fact that he didn’t quite earn the presidency hold him back like it has been. And now he’s going to have the fight of his life. He still has Mellie’s incendiary revelations she made on national TV to deal with; and now there’s a good chance Defiance will be made public. Or that Cytron Card could be used for blackmail. Whatever the case, this can’t be good.

I’m actually kind of scared for the finale. Aren’t you? Can’t wait to find out more about David and Billy’s nefarious plan. Wow. This mole story is turning out better than I ever thought it would. I can’t even contain my glee at having been unable to figure out the mole’s identity for myself. I just love when television actually surprises me. And with the fact that the awesome Matt Letscher has been busy playing the dad on the CW’s The Carrie Diaries (which just got picked up for a second season), the thought of his returning never crossed my mind. Good job, Scandal.

The Scandal season two finale called “White Hat’s Back On” airs May 16 at 10/9c on ABC. Who does the title refer to? Who gets to don a white hat once again? Inquiring minds want to know. And know now.


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