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Revenge “Engagement” 

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

Well how do you feel after this week’s show?  Yeah, me too!  Can you believe it?  Here’s what we know:

  • Emily officially said yes to Daniel.   Of course, Victoria being Victoria is not happy about it.  In fact the only person that seems happy that is not Daniel is Daniel’s father. (Politicians!)
  • Takeda gets Daniel the information he needs to fire Aiden.  It is revealed that Aiden’s father was a baggage handler that was suspected of putting the bomb on the plane that crash and Emily’s father was blamed for.  (Interesting?) So Aiden goes to Takeda who wants him to come back to Japan.  But Aiden won’t leave Emily.  Aiden will tell Emily what Takeda’s real mission is. (More questions…..)  Aiden kills Takeda in a very violent sword fight.
  • In order to bypass the Falcon’s code to get information on Victoria’s long lost son, Nolan goes to visit the Falcon and she gives him a riddle.  He figures it out and also is able to help Aiden get all of the Grayson’s money out of the Amanda Clarke Foundation and make them bankrupt. (How is Victoria going to plan all those parties?)
  • Charlotte is not behaving well.  She gets arrested for underage drinking.  Declan tries to help but doesn’t have the money.  While Declan and Regina (the girl that is getting Charlotte in more trouble!) are going to the ATM, Daniel bails Charlotte out.  He tries to have a talk with his sister and she announces she is pregnant!  (I’ve watched a lot of soaps and I really didn’t see that one coming!)
  • Of course, Jack is still mad at Emily and forms an alliance with the devil, Victoria.  He plays the tape of Nate Ryan and Conrad, basically saying that Amanda needs to be taken care of.  Now both Victoria and Jack are trying to derail Conrad’s campaign. (Poor Jack!)

So while all these things are happening, there is an extreme blackout.  Everyone starts to panic but this is the beginning of what Nolan’s Carrion program can do, thanks to the Falcon.  (They might want to watch Revolution on NBC and see what happens when you turn the lights off….just saying)

Next week is the two-hour season finale!  Is anything going to get solved or is it a huge cliffhanger and more questions?  We will have to wait and see!

Revenge airs on ABC Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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