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Dancing with the Stars “Season 16 Week 7” 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

I don’t know what was in the water at DWTS, but I heard something that in a million years I would never think I would hear on any show: “It’s so natural to Jacoby that he could fart the Samba!”   As Tom said Carrie Ann made it overshare night.

Still no one has received the perfect score yet.   Kellie and Aly both got 29s.  Of course, the judges were mean to Andy again.  So it wasn’t his best dance, but instead of always giving the guy a hard time, I wish they could have been better with the constructive criticism.  Also Kellie and Derek were given immunity since they had the overall highest scores. All the other couples had to do a dance off with another couple, where the winner would get three extra points from the judges.

I don’t want to talk about the dances that much this week.  Sometimes in all of the craziness in our world these days, it’s nice to hear about two uplifting stories.  On the result show we saw two:

– Camden, New Jersey is one of the most dangerous cities in our country right now.  One woman who is trying to give back to her community, Tawanda Jones, started a group called the Camden Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team; to have a place where kids have a sense of community.   They practice in a water tower with no mirrors, but it is still like a second home to these girls.  These girls got to dance in the ballroom during the results show and were amazing.  Tom and Brooke announced that they were getting the team mirrors so they are able to see what amazing kids and dancers they are.

-The other story was of Adrianne Haslet-Davis.  She is a professional ballroom dancer that lost her foot in the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  Adrianne, with the support of her family has such an amazing attitude for such a major loss.  She is working hard so that she can dance again one day.  It was announced that she would do a dance in the ballroom down the line.

Of course someone had to go home and it was Andy and Sharna’s turn.  I’m sad but I think he was a winner.  He stayed sober and worked hard.  I see only good things happening for him from now on.

Who will go home next week? Thoughts?

Dancing with the Stars air Mondays at 8.7c and Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC

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