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Revenge “Identity” 

Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC

There are so many things to discuss from Sunday’s episode; I’m not sure where to begin.  But aren’t we all glad it was a new episode after weeks of waiting?  Yes, the answer is simple. Yes! Here is what we need to discuss:

  • Poor Nolan!  He loses Padma and is taken to the police station for hours and hours of questioning.  The Falcon set him up!  (A Law and Order sound would be good right here.)  So what’s a guy to do? Not only does Nolan get the Falcon’s attention and get her to meet him (I had a feeling the Falcon was either a woman or someone we wouldn’t suspect). Nolan actually sets her up and the Feds arrest her.  Talk about putting a red sharpie x through someone. (Emily even let Nolan have the honors)
  • Takeda shows up and has a meeting with Daniel.  Daniel said he’s concerned about Aiden because he had made few mistakes.  Takeda wants Aiden to come back with him to Japan.  Aiden tells him that he has to stay and be there for Emily.  (I have a feeling that some foreshadowing is happening.)
  • Conrad wants to do an on camera live interview with Victoria.  She won’t go to the studio so he has the camera crew come to the house.  (Oh Conrad, she’s going to get you back for that.)  Because of Nolan, the correct information gets back on the internet that Victoria gave her son away.  In fact, during the interview, the interviewer asks Victoria about the son she gave away.  Conrad starts to explain Victoria was a young girl who had an abortion, but she actually admits that she gave up the child named Patrick.  She just walks out…
Photo Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC
  • Daniel gets Emily to do an on camera interview with him.  The interviewer asks if they are engaged again.  Daniel puts the question to Emily.  Talk about putting someone on the spot.  She says to the interviewer that she would be happy to be part of the Grayson family.  Afterwards he gives her a ring.  When Emily goes to see Aidan he encourages her to accept because it’s part of the plan.
  • Poor Jack!  He is now getting into cahoots with Ashley to bring down the Graysons. He wants nothing to do with Emily because she will be a Grayson soon.  He even tells her that he doesn’t want her to be Karl’s Godmother anymore. (Can you even do that? I don’t know the rules.)
  • When Victoria realizes something happened with the Falcon, she goes to Nolan and asks him to find her son she gave away.

Can’t wait until Sunday for an episode called “Engagement.”

Revenge airs on ABC Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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