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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “The Originals” 

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/The CW

Episode: “The Originals”
Writer: Julie Plec

Damon: “She’s the calmest desiccating vampire I’ve ever seen. I remember when you starved me down there for three days. I would have wept at your feet for an orange peel.”

Stefan: “Katherine.” Katherine: “The one and only…sort of.”

Damon: “Wow. Look who went and got bold.”

Rebekah: “Well, the French Quarter witches are not to be trifled with…you don’t suppose they found a way to kill him [Klaus] once and for all, do you?” Elijah: “Rebekah, in the name of our family, you might try to dial down your glee?” Rebekah: “What family? We are three distrustful acquaintances who happen to share a bloodline. I, for one, hope they find a way to make that traitorous bastard rot.”

Rebekah: “Where are you going?” Elijah: “To find out who’s making a move against our father. And then…I’ll either stop them. Or I’ll help them. Depending on my mood.”

Marcel: “Niklaus Mikaelson — my mentor, my savior, my sire. I’ll get you a drink/”

Marcel: “I got the witches here wrapped around my finger.”

Marcel: “How’s the family?” Klaus: “Those who live hate me more than ever.”

Marcel: “I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you one more chance. Or not.”

Sophie: “You’re Klaus.” Klaus: “I am. And you’re upset. Sophie, isn’t it? I assume this is because of what I just witnessed with your sister on the corner of Royal and St. Ann.” Sophie: “Did you enjoy the show?” Klaus: “It was a little melodramatic for my tastes.”

Klaus: “The bartender. Walking alone at night. She’s either brave or dumb.” Marcel: “Let’s see. Brave, I let her live. Dumb? She’s dessert.”

Klaus: “Evening Elijah.” Elijah: “Klaus.” Klaus: “What an entirely unwelcome surprise.” Elijah: “And what an entirely unsurprising welcome. Come with me.”

Klaus: “You’re all out of your minds if you think some liquor-fueled one night stand — no offense, sweetheart — means a thing to me.”

Elijah: “Niklaus, the girl is carrying your child.”

Klaus: “Kill her and the baby. What do I care?”

Elijah: “And then what? Then you return to Mystic Falls to resume your life as the hated one. As the evil hybrid? Is it so important to you that people quake with fear at the sound of your name?”

Elijah: “Family is power, Niklaus. Love, loyalty, it’s power. This is what we swore to each other a thousand years ago before life tore away what little humanity you had left. Before ego, before anger, before paranoia created in this person before me, someone I can barely even recognize as my own brother…This is us. The Original family. We remain together, always and forever. I am asking you to stay here. I will help you and I will stand by you. I will be your brother. We will build a home here together. So, save this girl. Save your child.” Klaus: “No.”

Rebekah: “Darling, kind Elijah. Our brother rarely brings us anything but pain. At what point in your immortal life will you stop searching for his redemption?” Elijah: “I’ll stop searching for his redemption when I believe there’s none left to be found.”

Rebekah: “I’d give you a play-by-play but you have the air of someone who’s been lurking and listening.”

Rebekah (to Katherine): “I know you consider yourself an expert in brotherly dynamics. But you don’t know my brothers half as well as you think you do.” Katherine: “You’re wrong. Klaus won’t be able to walk away from this. He and I are the same. We manipulate. We thirst for power. We control. We punish. But our actions are driven by one singular place deep inside.” Rebekah: “And what’s that?” Katherine: “We’re alone. And we hate it.”

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/The CW

Klaus: “You’re town?” Marcel: “Damn straight.” Klaus: “That was funny, because when I left 100 years ago, you were just a pathetic little scrapper still trembling from the lashes of the whips of those who would keep you down. And now look at you. Master of your domain. Prince of the city. I’d like to know how. Why.” Marcel: “Jealous? Hey, man, I get it. 300 years ago, you helped built a backwater penal colony into something. You started it, but then you left. Actually, you ran from it. I saw it through. Look around. Vampires rule this city now. We don’t have to live in the shadows like rats. The locals know their place. They look the other way. I got rid of the werewolves. I even found a way to shut down the witches. The blood never stops flowing and the party never ends. You want to pass on through? You want to stay a while? Great. What’s mine is yours. But it is mine. My home. My family. My rules.” Klaus: “And if someone breaks those rules?” Marcel: “They die. Mercy is for the weak. You taught me that, too. And I’m not the prince of the Quarter, friend. I’m the King. Show me some respect.” (Klaus bites one of Marcel’s minions) Klaus: “Your friend will be dead by the weekend. Which means, I’ve broken one of your rules. And yet, I cannot be killed. I am immortal. Who has the power now, friend?”

Cami: “Amazing, isn’t he?” Klaus: “Do you paint?” Cami: “No, but I admire. Every artist has a story, you know.” Klaus: “And what do you suppose his story is?” Cami: “He’s…angry. Dark. Doesn’t feel safe and doesn’t know what to do about it. He wishes he could control his demons instead of having his demons control him. He’s lost. Alone. Or…maybe he just drank too much tonight. Sorry — overzealous psych major.” Klaus: “I think you were probably right the first time.”

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/The CW

Elijah: “What is on your mind, brother?” Klaus: “For a thousand years, I lived in fear. Any time I settled anywhere, our father would hunt me down, chase me off. He made me feel powerless. And I hated it. This town was my home once. And in my absence, Marcel has gotten everything that I ever wanted. Power, loyalty, family. I made him in my image and he has bettered me. I want what he has. I want to be king.” Elijah: “And what of Hayley and the baby?” Klaus: “Every king needs an heir.”

Klaus (on the phone): Caroline. I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world…surrounded by food, music, art, culture. And all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you’ll let me.”

Rebekah (to Elijah): I owe him (Klaus) nothing. I wish him no joy. No love. I will stay here and live my life the way I want to. And if you’re smart, I’d suggest you do the same.”

Katherine: “It’s our turn. Elijah, please.” Elijah: “Katerina…(kisses her on the forehead). Goodbye.”

Damon (to Elena): “You look terrible.”

Elena: “You boys want to play games? Go ahead. Let’s see who breaks first. Me? Or you.”

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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