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Moment of Goodness

5 Moments of Goodness from The Big Bang Theory “The Closure Alternative” 

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory took me on a trip to Nerdvana.  Mere hours earlier, a coworker made the shocking confession that he’d never seen an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  When my heart restarted, I adamantly informed him that it was one of the best shows ever and he simply must watch it.  Needless to say, when Leonard forced Penny to watch Buffy, I was right there with him.  But, my love for Buffy aside, last night’s episode continued the season’s upward trend.  Here are my top five moments of goodness:

A more masculine Raj.  When Raj finds Lucy’s blog, he is deeply hurt by her description of him as “feminine.” This is coming from the man with a small dog named Princess, who he lets lick his lips.  His plan of attack is to turn into a hockey fan.  Of course, Lucy isn’t impressed.  Raj’s response is priceless when Lucy asks if he’s even a hockey fan – Raj says he got his hockey jersey at the Staples Center after a Taylor Swift concert.  That’s the Raj we know and love!
Amy’s behavioral conditioning.  Amy attempts to teach Sheldon how to deal with unresolved things.  How great was it when Amy wiped the white board before Sheldon could win at tic-tac-toe?  I’m not sure how Mayim Bialik didn’t bust out laughing.  The best was when she used a paper plate to block Sheldon from blowing out the last candle.  She tells him “Oops, missed one.  Now your wish can’t come true.”  Sheldon’s spectacular reply: “Lucky for you cause I wished you were dead.”
The harassment of the Syfy network.  Who hasn’t felt like Sheldon when a beloved tv show is canceled immediately following a cliff hanger?  Sheldon’s anger at Syfy (for canceling Alphas) reminded me of my own when The 4400 was canceled post major cliff-hanger.  Sheldon, of course, takes things to a whole new level by multiple phone calls to the network and even tracks down the writer.  While many of us would just whine on a blog, Sheldon takes care of bid-ness.
Sheldon’s nerdgasm.  This was equal parts funny and icky.  When Sheldon finally gets rid of Amy, he recreates all of her tests and completes them all.  He is finally able to blow out the last candle.  When he collapses on the floor in pleasure, I wanted to laugh and look away.  Penny summed it up when she burst in, “Sheldon, you big weirdo, I want you to know that I love you’re in my life.”  The blissful Sheldon responds, “I love you too.” Awww, it’d be so touching if Sheldon didn’t look like he’d just gotten some.
Brewbacca’s.  Leonard’s dogged efforts to get Penny into sci-fi speaks to the inner nerd in each Big Bang fan. At least Bernadette appreciated Buffy!  I, for one, would camp out at a Star Wars-themed coffee shop named Brewbacca’s, so someone needs to get on making that dream a reality.
The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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