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Hannibal “Coquilles” 

Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC
Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC

A Relationship, Challenged

Jack’s worried about the state of his marriage. His wife Bella (the always wonderful Gina Torres), has been pulling away for weeks and he can’t fathom why. Jack assures her he won’t insult her by asking if there’s another man (although that statement is, in fact, an accusation), but he can’t get her to talk. Bella does need an outlet so she begins to see Hannibal, who assures her their sessions aren’t a conflict of interest. Hannibal will be of more help to her because he has a special insight into Jack and his work.

Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC
Photo Credit: Brooke Palmer/NBC

 Will Is Becoming Unmoored

Alana has warned Jack more than once that Will needs an anchor. The more Jack asks Will to look into the minds of these killers, the more he is set adrift. Not only does he worry about his conscious mind, but Will’s unconscious mind begins to trouble him as well. He feels like his thinking is shutting down. He’s found himself walking down the middle of the road at night and can’t be sure if he’s awake or still dreaming. Will’s found himself standing on the roof of his house, with only the sound of his barking dogs to wake him up and warn him he’s in danger. How far will this go before something snaps in Will’s brain? How long before Will can’t wake up in time to save himself?

The Angelmaker

Will’s having trouble profiling a man with something foreign in his head. He just can’t predict his patterns. When the angelmaker leaves his DNA behind at the second scene, they discover his identity  – Elliot Buddhish – and that he has terminal cancer. He’s pushed his family away to deal with his death sentence alone. Elliot’s terrified of dying in his sleep so he’s started crafting gruesome angels to watch over him. But these victims aren’t as innocent as they might seem. Maybe it’s divine or merely chemical, but his victims have criminal pasts. He’s unconsciously acting like a vigilante while slowly accepting his inevitable fate. The last act of this anglemaker is to turn himself into one. As much as he could make it, it was Elliott’s choice to die.

Will Is There for Jack

Jack is pushing Will so hard Will loses his cool in front of the team. Will thinks he might have to give up field work and stick to his classroom, but Jack doesn’t think that will work. He knows if Will is in his classroom instead of preventing killing out in the field, it will become a problem for Will. But Jack isn’t Will’s father and he’s not about to tell him what to do. If Will feels like he needs to quit, then he should. Despite their difference of opinion on this, Will knows Jack needs comfort. He was able to pick up on Jack’s distress after they spoke to Elliot’s wife and he knows something is going on. So he goes to Jack’s office, promising not to leave until Jack’s ready to talk and he doesn’t have to say a word until he’s ready.

I really loved Lawrence Fishburne in this episode. Despite what he’s going through in his personal life, I hope we continue to see him away from the office.

Hannibal airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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