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Moment of Goodness

5 Moments of Goodness from Bates Motel “Ocean View” 

Photo Credit:A&E
Photo Credit:A&E

Holy smokes! My head is still spinning after tonight’s Bates Motel.  I haven’t figured out exactly what is going on in the creepy White Pine Bay, but I strongly suspect that being coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs is a prerequisite for moving to this town.  With this probably being the strongest episode thus far this season, it was exceptionally hard to pick out 5 great moments.  But, after a re-watch, we were able to narrow it down to these mind-blowing moments:

5. Ethan Getting Shot

Honestly, we all should have seen this coming, but even with it being that obvious, I was still shocked.  Bradley’s (Nicola Paltz) father had been murdered because of his involvement in the marijuana ring in White Pine Bay.  After that, another man was killed in retaliation.  It stands to reason that Ethan would be next in these people’s game of tit for tat (or perhaps Ethan was even the one who retaliated for Bradley father’s murder).

The scene itself was heart wrenching.  We have seen Dylan (Max Thierot) close to virtually no one.  In tonight’s episode, we see Norman finally being able to break through his wall, but even that was only a dent.   However, with Dylan’s reaction to Ethan being shot, it is obvious that he actually cared for the guy.  And, right before he was killed, we see that Ethan cared for him as well.  After all, how many people would you lend $5000 that you don’t even care about?

4. Dylan Running Down Ethan’s Killer

If Ethan getting shot made my heart skip a beat, then Dylan running down his killer made it skip ten times over.  Damn! As Dylan hits the gas and races toward the boy, there is an iciness in Dylan’s eyes that is almost scary.  He didn’t think twice about killing that guy, which makes me wonder if he’s killed before.

3. Deputy Shelby – Good Cop or Bad Cop

Ever since the murder of Keith Summers, I’ve wondered which side of the fence Deputy Shelby (Mike Vogel) was on.  Does he really have feelings for Norma (Vera Farmiga), or is he just a sleeze extorting sex in exchange for covering up evidence?

We finally get an answer tonight, and I must admit I was stunned.  I personally thought the guy was as bad as a bag of rotten apples, and my jaw dropped when he stole the carpet evidence.  But, now that we know that Shelby plays for the good team, my concern has shifted to Norma.  It appears that Shelby is head over heels in love with Norma, but with her reactions to Shelby, my guess is she’s not equally fond of him.  What will Norma do when she gets tired of the cute, young Deputy following her around like a puppy?

2. Emma’s Broken Heart

If you read my review from a couple of weeks ago, you’ll know that I suspected that Bradley Martin existed only in Norman’s (Freddie Highmore) imagination.  The sex scene between the two  from last week’s episode certainly appeared fake and contrived.  In contrast, I had theorized that perhaps Emma (Oliva Cooke) was real.  Bradley Martin was the beautiful, popular girl that Norman wanted but could only have in his mind.  And, Emma was the shy misfit who had eyes for no one but Norman.

However, with Norman’s confession tonight to Emma about his relationship with Bradley, I’m seriously starting to doubt if the relationship with either girl exists.  After all, if Bradley didn’t exist, wouldn’t Emma have spoken up when Norman told her about sleeping with Bradley?

Instead, Emma responds with only a broken heart and tears (which Norman ignored as well – shame on you, Norman!).

1. Emma and Norman’s Big Discovery

Besides the relationship with Bradley, another thing I had thought was only a figment of Norman’s imagination was the sex-slave girl.  The entire situation was too far-fetched to begin with, and with Norma not finding anything in Shelby’s basement, it makes it even more likely that the plot existed only in the freaky brain of Norman Bates.

But, if the girl isn’t real, what does it mean with Norman finding her tonight with Emma, and then, showing her to his mother?  This show has so many shifts and turns that we’re not going to be sure of anything anytime soon, but my guess is the entire event was imagined.  That is, Norman imagined the discovery of the girl, and pulled his mother and Emma into his fantasy.

Basically, what this implies is that we, as viewers, will not be able to really tell what is real and what is mere fantasy in this show.  But, that is what makes the show so compelling.  Some series bait you with a dream episode every now and then, but for Bates Motel, it’s a weekly event.  Turn on the television on Monday nights and will what you see is the real deal or just make-believe?  Flip a coin, and your guess is as good as mine.

So, what does everyone else think?  Do you believe the sex-slave girl is only part of an elaborate fantasy?  And, what about Bradley and Emma?  Both fake, or is one of them real?

Bates Motel airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on A&E.


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  1. Heather M

    I also loved the moment of Norman on the back of Dylan’s bike-momentarily free of Norma and close to his brother, who seemed to equally relish that fleeting closeness.

    1. Mary Powers

      Yes, excellent moment! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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