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Veep Season 2 Premiere Preview: “Midterms” [VIDEO] 


Veep kicks off its ten-episode season 2 premiere tonight. With midterm elections looming, Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ VP Selina Meyer is surprised to find herself scoring higher ratings in the popularity polls than the president. She hopes to take that information to not only boost her influence in the Oval Office, but also curry favor with POTUS himself. But as she well knows, even the most banal action can set up of a chain reaction that has unexpected, far-reaching – and often disastrous – consequences.

Guest stars this season include:

Gary Cole‘s Kent Davison, as the president’s new senior strategist.

Kevin Dunn‘s Ben, as the president’s chief of staff.

Jessica St. Clair‘s Dana, as Gary’s new girlfriend.

Tidbits on the first two episodes, “Midterms” and “Signals.”

  • We find out: 1. Exactly how much more popular Selina is than POTUS (we’re talking stats here). 2. And whether she can parlay this popularity boost into something significant — something that will enable her to make her mark as the current VP.
  • Pilates is a part of the action.
  • Family drama plays a role in a couple storylines.
  • Meanwhile, Tony Hale‘s Gary has an “important” task on his hands and Selina is counting on him. How can things possibly go wrong?
  • There’s plenty of face time with Louis-Dreyfus and Cole. We can’t wait to see how their characters interact even more as the season continues.
  • A secret is divulged that makes life a little more complicated for the Veep.

Season 2 of Veep premieres tonight at 10/9c on HBO.

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