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Doctor Who, Orphan Black and The Nerdist: We Preview BBC America’s Saturday Night Line-up [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: BBC America
Photo Credit: BBC America

Doctor Who

In “Cold War,” it’s 1983 and an alien creature – recently escaped from a block of Arctic ice – is loose on board a damaged Russian submarine. As it spirals out of control towards the ocean’s depths The Doctor and Clara must tamp down flaring tempers and secure a cargo of nuclear weapons. As the situation intensifies not just the submarine’s crew is at stake, but so is all of humanity.

Photo Credit: BBC America
Photo Credit: BBC America

Orphan Black

Rocked by the revelation that she and her fellow ‘Orphans’ are clones in “Variation Under Nature,” Sarah just wants to get her hands on the money and skip town. Her fake detective ruse wearing thing, Sarah knows she’s in trouble when cops find the body she buried and assign ‘Beth’ to the case. As Sarah closes in on the killer, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Photo Credit: BBC America
Photo Credit: BBC America

The Nerdist

Chris Hardwick welcomes the dashing Jon Hamm from Mad Men and the very talented Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad. Matt and Jonah attempt to write a mash-up script of their shows, and enlist a little surprise help from Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) to give it that extra little something. Comedian Rory Scovel and Doctor Who alum Arthur Darvill also join the fun.

Doctor Who Teaser:

Orphan Black Sneak Peek:

The Nerdist Preview:

Doctor Who airs at 8/7c, Orphan Black airs at 9/8c, and The Nerdist airs at 10/9c on BBC America.

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