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Moment of Goodness

5 Moments of Goodness from The Big Bang Theory “The Tenure Turbulence” 

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.

I’m not sure it’s possible to find just 5 moments of goodness in this week’s Big Bang Theory.  This has been a banner season for the show, and this episode highlighted why it’s still so great after six seasons.  Courtesy of Kripke, their collective nemesis and one time Rock Band buddy, the guys learn that there is a tenure position open at the university.  Let the blood sports begin.

1. Poor Amy.  Amy encourages Sheldon to seek tenure because he is much smarter than his friends.  It is obvious from the way she says it that she is complimenting the man she cares for – rather than making an objective observation.  Sheldon completely misses this, “I must say, I go back and forth on this boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but those moments when you worship me, really keep you in the running.”  Things don’t improve for Amy when later Sheldon tells her he can’t make date night and punctuates it with a, “Bad news for you.”  Then, there’s his awesome throw away line, “I find the concept of coitus ridiculous and off-putting.”  Amy’s never going to catch a break.

2. Worst gift giver ever.  Sheldon demonstrates that he is one of the worst gift givers.  In an effort to sway the tenure committee, he presents Mrs. Davis, who you’ll remember from the sexual harassment episode, with a gift – a DVD copy of Roots.  The look on her face, played expertly by Regina King, is priceless.  When she asks why he thinks it’s an appropriate gift, Sheldon leans in and asks, “You are black, right?”

3. Raj the whiny winester.  In a drunken rant, Raj bemoans the fact that he doesn’t have seat warmers in his new car because his father refused to pay for them.  He later calls his dad to complain and offers as a compromise to cut back his cleaning lady to twice a week.  Raj looks at his adorable little dog and tells her that pretty soon they’ll both be living like animals.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Raj with his dog.  She really completes him.

4. Words with Sheldon.  Amy gives Sheldon a lesson in proper emotional responses.  Amy – “Professor Tupperman is dead and that makes us….”  Sheldon – “Sad.”  Amy – “The fact that there are so many people here tonight doesn’t make us cranky and claustrophobic, it makes us….”  Sheldon – “Glad.”  Amy – “Giving Mrs. Davis the box set of Roots was….”  Sheldon – “Bad.”

5. Sheldon’s apology.  Sheldon may be a worse apologizer than gift giver.  In a sweet scene at the end, Mrs. Davis reveals that she’s recommended Leonard, Raj and Shedon for tenure.  Sheldon thanks her and acknowledges that his gift was inappropriate.  He extends his hand for a conciliatory shake, and as she reaches towards him, he does this crazy hand slap routine.  I had tears in my eyes from this and had to rewatch it.  Again, her deadpan response is spot on, “I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen.”

There were so many other great moments as well – like Sheldon telling Amy to take her breasts out, Raj’s 90 minute video, Howard mocking the meerkats, Leonard curled in a ball after light exercise, and Sheldon’s “your mama” smack talk.  This had to be one of their best episodes.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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