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The Following Analysis: The Joe Carroll/Ryan Hardy Fascination [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine/FOX

Don’t get me wrong, I was fascinated by many things in “Whips and Regret” — seeing Roderick demonstrate more of his psychopathic colors, watching Claire standing up to Joe like he was a lousy husband rather than a manipulative cult leader, witnessing a newer and bolder Jacob  — but it’s Joe’s fascination with Ryan that fascinated me most. We rarely see these two interact, but when we do, it’s utterly compelling.

The episode started with Joe calling Ryan and waking him from a drunken slumber. The way Joe talks to Ryan and knows his vulnerabilities and insecurities fascinates me. Joe knows just the buttons to push and strings to pull and he does so without hesitation. However, I can’t help but feel that Joe also has a deep respect and admiration for Ryan and he almost seems to see him as “friend” or equal.

Having seen Joe deal with many people, I feel like it’s fairly clear that Joe considers himself superior to most, including not only law enforcement, but also his own Followers. Yet, the way he deals with Ryan is quite obviously different. Now, we know Ryan is one of the characters in Joe’s current novel and after Joe calls Ryan out on his drinking, Ryan hangs up. But never one to quit, Joe calls him back and demands he become at least a “functioning alcoholic” because a flat-out drunk for a hero is just a tired cliche. Yes, hero. Ryan is his book’s hero. And in some ways, I feel like he may be Joe’s as well. But that wasn’t the end of Joe’s fascination.

Later in the episode, we saw Joe watch as Molly seduces Ryan on an old video. I don’t know if it was just me, but it felt pretty obvious that Joe was NOT looking at Molly. Joe was clearly entranced by Ryan and again, I felt an admiration of sorts radiate from Joe. Again, we’ve seen very little of these two together but I am definitely looking forward to more.

And from the sneak peek I saw of the next episode (see below), it looks like I’ll get it. The snippet shows another phone conversation between Ryan and Joe and while we see Joe pushing Ryan’s buttons at first, it looks like Ryan eventually gets his footing and is able to push back. This is definitely a battle between worthy adversaries and I, for one, can’t wait to see how the game plays out.

The Sneak Peek for The Following “The Curse” airing Monday April 8 @ 9/8c on FOX:

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