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Revenge “Masquerade” 

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

Anyone else watching the show say to themselves, what did she just say?  I want to assume that when Emily said she was pregnant it was because she wanted dirt on Victoria.  But could she actually be pregnant, which is killing two birds with one stone?

We found out that Victoria gave away a son when she was a teenager and tells Conrad that she had an abortion.  Emily messes with her by sending her a RSVP for the Masquerade Ball that Victoria is throwing. (Apparently this is an annual event but because of Daniel’s murder trial last year they didn’t have it).  Emily also sends black roses to Victoria with 11 roses and a note saying the 12th one will be on her “son” at the party.   Victoria sees a man with a mask wearing the rose, which Emily has set up.  Victoria is so overwhelmed that she faints.

Jack is “helping” Conrad with his campaign.  Conrad has a Town Hall at the Stowaway and has an earpiece in so that his team can help him with answers.  This includes Jack who calls on Nolan to mess with the earpiece.  Conrad hears part of his conversation with Nate Ryan that was taped and ends up answering a question about Amanda Clarke.  He says that he will look into the David Clarke case if elected Governor.  (Great idea!)

Speaking of Nolan, he is freaking out because Padma is still missing.  Aiden and Emily feel guilty, so Aiden takes a major step.  Aidan puts all of Trask aka The Initiative’s money into one place.  Of course Daniel is mad and Trask shows up to say that they are taking their money out of Grayson Global.  This ends up being great for Daniel so now he can get back together with Emily.

Aiden gets Trask to take him to Padma.  She is dead and Aiden kills Trask for Padma and his sister, Colleen.  My question is this:  Is Padma really dead?  All you see is her body lying down.  Just saying….

Of course Nolan is devastated and it will be interesting to see where this puts his mindset.

Jack over hears a conversation with Ashley and Conrad.  It’s clear that Ashley is treated like crap.  So Jack enlists Ashley to be an ally to bring down the Graysons!

Of course there were no scenes from the next episode and that always makes me a little sad.  How much more can we take!  Till next time….

Revenge airs on ABC Sunday night at 9/8c.

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