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Golden Boy Preview: “McKenzie on Fire” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS
Photo Credit: Jeff Neira/CBS

What we know: McKenzie’s brother Patrick was killed on the job two years ago and she’s still very much affected by the loss.

What we learn about the case: When the bullets from an open investigation match those from her brother’s homicide, McKenzie wants to seek justice for her family.

What we learn about McKenzie: Her family is a clan of cops. Patrick was the glue that held their family together and they’ve all been a bit adrift since he was murdered. McKenzie seems to want this investigation to be “done right now” as opposed to “done right.”

What we learn about Owen: He might not be as ready to retire as he’s leading everyone to believe, especially when it’s his “slow and steady” approach that helps them make progress with their case.

What we learn about Arroyo: On top of all his other vices, he’s a very possessive, jealous guy. That should cause some really interesting problems down the line.

What we learn about Clark: Although he doesn’t always listen so good, he will always do what Owen tells him to. And he’s there for McKenzie no matter what.

Golden Boy airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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