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Revolution Mid-Season Premiere Preview: “The Stand” [ERIC KRIPKE INTERVIEW] 

Photo Credit: Brownie Harris/NBC

Tonight on NBC, Revolution powers its back way on air after a four-month hiatus.

Before the painfully long break hit us, Rachel had just provided Bass with the amplifier necessary to turn his army into a formidable and weaponized enemy that comes complete with working helicopters. She was also reunited with her kids, Charlie and Danny, and immediately slapped Miles, which means there’s definitely a history there. Miles and Bass had a falling out to end all falling outs. We’re still hurting over the scene where Miles told Bass they were no longer brothers. A synopsis for tonight’s mid-season finale:

A POWERED-UP MONROE ATTEMPTS TO WIPE OUT THE REBELS – Miles (Billy Burke) leads the rebel squad out of Philadelphia and away from Monroe’s (David Lyons) helicopters and machine guns. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) tries to redeem herself by providing power to the rebels, but once again must leave her children, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers), behind. As if there wasn’t enough heat, romantic sparks ignite between Miles and Nora (Daniella Alonso).

What else you can expect from “The Stand”:

-Bass gets brutally serious about taking care of his enemies. Emphasis on brutal.
-The most intriguing aspect to this mid-season premiere (to me) is Rachel. She’s unpredictable. And fierce. And she knows so much more than anyone else.
-Some father and son drama. Major.
-Rachel and Miles quality time. So much chemistry.
-Randall and Grace appear in the episode.
-There are a couple OMG moments.
-I think we can consider Bass one of the walking wounded. And not because he’s injured physically. He’s not. But he is hurting from the verbal attack Miles inflicted on him in the fall finale, when he severed their relationship.

TV Goodness got the chance to take part in a press call with Revolution creator, Eric Kripke. Some takeaways from the Q&A:

Revolution Creator -- Eric Kripke (w/ J.J. Abrams) @ PaleyFest 2013. Photo Credit: TV Goodness
Revolution Creator — Eric Kripke (w/ J.J. Abrams) @ PaleyFest 2013. Photo Credit: TV Goodness

On being off the air for four months


Any time you’re off the air for four months you hold your breath and you hope fans come back but we take solace and encouragement from a few things which is I think there’s a long history of genre television really working with these large breaks in between like Walking Dead or Game of Thrones and also because the second half of the season is such a different mission and quest and energy than the first half that it really does feel like a natural break. It feels like it’s its own particular season of television in that the first half was the drive to find Danny was prologue to it opening up into a much larger and more epic and exciting story.

So I think because there’s such a natural break in the storytelling, I think people will be able to jump right in and watch one recap and remind themselves where all the characters were and then dive in the way that – I won’t see Game of Thrones for literally a year and then I’ll watch one 90-second recap and be right in the middle of it.

And then finally the break gave the writers and the producers and the actors like a minute to really explore what was working about the show and what wasn’t working and how to make it better so whether we were on the air, whether we were off the air, the inevitable risk that goes along with it, I mean that’s all true but it allowed us to make a higher quality better series. And at the end of the day that’s the thing I have to put at my first priority. The show’s better because we took the break so therefore I’m glad we took the break.

On finding out the reason behind the power going out early in the second half of the season


In episode 13, Rachel reveals pretty much every single thing there is to know about why the blackout happened and every time I watch that scene, that scene that is like — and she’s brilliant in it — but that scene’s a hard swallow every time because you’re like ‘wow we’re just saying it.’

But the reality is [Revolution executive producer] Jon Favreau was hanging out with us in the writer’s room and we were discussing the problem that as a character Rachel knew why the blackout happened and she was back in and among heroes, she wasn’t captive anymore, and we were really wrestling with the question well why wouldn’t she just tell them. And then Jon who came in and was able to provide much needed perspective, just looked at me he was like ‘she would tell them so have her tell them.’ And I said, ‘yes you’re right, you’re right she would say it so she has to say.’ And so she does.

And so we reveal really why the blackout happened but the card I think we have up our sleeve is I think the explanation really opens the door to much greater story possibility.

On the overall mythology for the rest of the season


I don’t think we box ourselves in a corner. I think we open a door to a whole new world. And then we ask more questions. Look for me the story was never about what caused the blackout. For me it’s like the show isn’t just based on one particular mystery, it’s based on these characters and this world and this kind of transformed landscape that they have these adventures in.

It’s risky and it’s surprising but I think it turns out okay because there’s so many other storylines about the characters, who they were, we ask a few more questions, we pose a few new mysteries. But I will say having just — I’m literally turning in the season finale later today — and having now in detail seen what happens through the end of the season, I think we answer most if not all the questions that are being posed. And then we start asking new ones but that is… as is my way.

On his favorite part of tonight’s finale


The final moments of episode 11 when we come back are just such an insane neck-snapper of a twist and it’s so awful and wonderful and you kind of can’t believe you’re watching it and there’s tears and there’s knives and it’s just awesome.

On weaving Grace back into the action


You’ve all seen a glimpse of her already at the end of episode seven and episode eight where we reveal that Randall has brought her to this particularly mysterious location.

And really starting with episode 11, we start to reveal what that place is, why Randall has brought her there, what he wants from her and then the story progresses from there. But the location – the place where they are really starts to become important to story to the point where it starts to have its own gravitational pull in the story, not literally, figuratively, and every character starts getting drawn closer and closer towards it because it’s such an important location and because what Grace is doing there is so important.

On Charlie and Jason romance


Jason goes through some seismic shifts with his father, with his relationship with the militia and Charlie has a front seat to a lot of those really dramatic turns in that there is this sort of static friction between the both of them that draws them closer. And then we blow it all up because these types of relationships in these types of shows are about the push/pull and about the friction of will they get together or won’t they and what obstacles do they have to overcome.

Revolution‘s mid-season premiere, “The Stand,” airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC after the return of the network’s hit reality series “The Voice.”

Watch the first eight minutes of tonight’s premiere

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