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Moment of Goodness

5 Moments of Goodness from Chicago Fire “Fireworks” 


Photo Credit:NBC
Photo Credit:NBC

After a hiatus that seemed to go on forever, Firehouse 51 was finally back last night full force.  Just like all episodes of Chicago Fire, this episode was chock full of mini story lines in additional to its fair share of surprises.  Here’s our top 5 moments:

5. Cruz (Joe Minoso) Saves Lt. Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) Life

Ever since Cruz left Flaco to die in that fire in order to save his brother’s life, Cruz hasn’t really been the same.  He has been taking unnecessary chances, putting other firefighters’ lives in danger, and pretty much put his future at Firehouse 51 into question.  Tonight’s episode demonstrated that Cruz might finally be moving on.  While fighting a restaurant fire, part of the ceiling collapses, falls down on Lt. Casey, and set him on fire.  Cruz was very quite to respond, throwing Casey out of the window so that the rest of the team can hose him down.  Because of Cruz’s quick thinking, Casey ended up having only a small 1st degree burn.  We can all tell from the look that Casey gave Cruz that everything between the 2 men will be better from this point forward.

4. Fight Between Mills (Charlie Barnett) and Benny  Severide (Treat Williams)

Given Benny Severide’s highly public argument with Boden (Eamonn Walker) at the end of the last episode, we knew there would eventually be a showdown between Benny and Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett).  Before Benny is able to leave Firehouse 51, Mills corners him and gets the information he’s been looking for about how his father died (or at least Benny’s version of events).  For some reason unknown, Mills’ father had removed his mask in the fire, and another innocent firefighter died trying to save his life.  Of course, we all know that Mills sees his father like a God, and so, he punches Benny over the disparaging remarks about his father.

We still don’t know the full story on Henry Mills, but his son certainly has taken a step in the right direction in finding the truth.

3. Ending Scene Between Mills and Kelly Severide

Kelly Severide is the absolute best.  Whenever someone is down, he knows exactly what to say to make him or her feel better.  In this case, Mills has virtually hit rock bottom because of the news about his father.  Severide remembers blowing off Mills when he had asked him which firefighter courses he should take, and almost like a peace offering on his father’s behalf, he goes to Mills’ apartment to answer the question.  Besides giving Mills the help he needed on course selections, this was an indirect way of telling Mills that he fits in and is welcome at Firehouse 51.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, could have meant more to Mills than that.

2. Conversation Between Shay (Lauren German) and Kelly Severide

This particular storyline between Shay and Severide I saw coming from a mile away, and so, I wasn’t surprised at all.  However, it still was funny as hell watching them talk about it.  For the past 2 episodes, Shay has been poring over sperm donors, trying to find the perfect man to be the father of her baby.  She finally decides that the perfect man is right in front of her eyes – Kelly Severide.  Severide?  I’m not so sure.  Like any other man would be, Severide felt out of place and awkward talking about this stuff.  But, will Severide give in anyways, because of his friendship and devotion to Shay?

1. Awkward “Discussion” Between Shay and Mouche (Christian Stolte)

Without a doubt, the best scene in last night’s episode was the super-weird conversation between Shay and Mouche.  Yes, our Mouche used to be a sperm donor and did the dirty deed for hire back in the day!  When Shay confronts Mouche about it, the man looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die, and understandably.

         6 ft. tall and 175 pounds? – Shay

        Well, I aged out and they were supposed to take that down.  Did you tell anyone else?  Dawson? — Mouche


        Shay!  — Mouche

Poor Mouche!

So, what did everyone else think of the episode?  Did your favorite moment not make our list? If so, chime in the Comments section below and list it!

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesday nights at 10/9c. on NBC.



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