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Revenge “Illumination” 

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/ABC

Oh brother!  If Emily’s life couldn’t get any crazier…At the end of last week’s episode, we saw “Amanda’s” foster brother, Eli James, show up.  Clearly the guy has an agenda. 

Let’s discuss some things that we know from this week:

  1. Emily burnt down her and Eli’s foster house. In a flashback to their childhood, you see how Eli was Emily’s protector.
  2. Surprise!! Eli knows that Emily is the real Amanda.  She tries to explain why she needs him to go.
  3. Victoria and Conrad start a charity in Amanda’s name so they can make sure that they can’t have the government take their assets.  (They really don’t have any souls)
  4. Emily asked him what it will take for Eli to leave.  He has outstanding warrants in different places.  At the first party for the Amanda Clarke Foundation, Nolan cleans Eli’s record and Emily hands him a cashier’s check for $100,000.
  5. During the party, (and after Emily was rejected by Victoria to be a co-chair), Victoria announces that Eli James, Amanda’s foster brother, will be the co-chair with her.  That’s when he hands over the cashier’s check that Emily had given him to leave town right over to Victoria and the foundation. (Why would a con-man give up that kind of money?  Why would anyone give away that kind of money?)
  6. Daniel is freaking out about everything.  (He even got in a bar fight but Aiden saved the day!) Daniel tells Emily what the charity really is.  (It’s like he is walking right into her web)
  7. Emily and Nolan discover that a hacker named, The Falcon, is protecting the Graysons.  It is also revealed that this is the same hacker who helped ruin Emily’s father.
  8. Jack discovers that Nolan was the one that pulled him from the boat and now doesn’t trust him.  But Nolan tries to cover it up by saying it was Kenny Ryan, Nate’s brother.  I don’t think Jack believes him now that he has turned to the darker side.  (I’m wishing that Emily and Nolan would tell Jack what is really going on).

What is Eli’s game plan?  Did he feel abandoned by Amanda or is there something else going on?  When will this whole Initiative thing be revealed?  Why are the Grayson’s involved? Where does Jack stand with everyone at this point?  So many questions, but again, can’t wait for next week!

Watch Revenge on ABC Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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