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Reelz Channel Mini-Series Preview: Ring of Fire [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Sonar Entertainment
Photo Credit: Sonar Entertainment

One of the things network TV used to be reliable for was a good old-fashioned disaster mini-series starring all your TV favorites, shot during the summer hiatus, and then dropped onto the schedule during May sweeps (think 10.5). Those days are long gone, and now when we get those treats, they’re compressed into 2-hour flicks on Syfy. The good folks at Reelz Channel feel our pain, and they’ve got four hours of HITG disaster porn ready for you tomorrow afternoon and evening.

Ring of Fire, a two-part drama about a town on the brink of an underground drilling disaster and the people working both sides of the problem, premiered earlier in the week and it reruns twice tomorow–at 3 pm/2 c and 12 am/11 pm c.

Photo Credit: Sonar Entertainment
Photo Credit: Sonar Entertainment

Why is it notable? First up, it stars fan favorites Terry O’Quinn and Michael Vartan. Next, because it was filmed in Vancouver, it’s populated with a who’s who of Canadian TV awesomeness–my Ian Tracey (Davinci’s Inquest/Sanctuary), Lauren Lee Smith (The Listener/Mutant X), Agam Darshi (Sanctuary), Brendan Fletcher (pick something–seriously), Brian Markinson (Continuum) and on and on. I’ve seen the first hour of it and it’s well done–everybody has a personal story they’re working through regardless of the larger impending doom. I miss these kinds of projects so I’m completely their demographic.

Here are a couple of sneak peeks. Enjoy!

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