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Revenge Character Development: The New Jack Porter? 

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

There are so many things to say about this episode; Emily goes back to basics, Nolan hands over his secret program, Carrion, to Padma so her father doesn’t die; the Graysons are trying to get rid of the initiative; Aidan is trying to get back in with Daniel at Grayson Global, etc. etc.

The thing that I want to discuss is the transition of the character, Jack Porter.  You know I love my Jack P. and as an avid TV watcher I thought the acting was brilliant.  An actor is great when you can completely understand what they are thinking and they don’t have to say a word.

Emily tells Jack that Amanda is dead and he breaks down.  Of course the man has a soul so he cries his eyes out.  Then Conrad shows up at the hospital to see how Jack is doing.  What he is really trying to do is see if Jack knows anything about the missing computer that Amanda died for.  Jack makes Conrad believe that Amanda died because of Nate Ryan’s vendetta against Jack’s Dad.   Jack tells Emily and Nolan the real reason Amanda died.  (Of course they knew because it is actually Emily’s computer.  Duh!)  Back at home Jack throws a jar of sea glass and what do you know, a locker key is in it.  So not only does Jack find the locker, he goes through the bag that’s in it.  He finds the missing computer and letters that detail Amanda and Emily’s time together.  Jack is so angry at Emily; she almost tells him the whole truth.  Even though Jack is still a good guy, throughout the episode you see the dark side of him emerge.  The question is will Jack be on his own revenge path?

The other thing I want to mention was how Charlotte tracked down one of Amanda’s foster brothers. Who is this guy and what does it mean for Emily?  He shows up at the grave as Emily is standing there alone. How will this new person from the past complicate Emily’s revenge?  I wish Sunday was here!

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