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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “Stand by Me” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

[Warning: Spoilers for “Stand by Me”]

Right now, Elena may be seeing the truth but I’m totally in denial over what just happened.

I still have hopes that this isn’t really over for Jeremy. If it’s not, I can’t believe that the show is taking things this far. For now, a tentative RIP Jeremy. I really wanted him and Bonnie to get back together. Sigh. Oh and RIP Elena’s humanity. Hope that won’t be gone long either. And as for Matt, he’s my TVD M.V.P. Both he and Elena have pretty much lost everyone in their lives. Seeing Matt’s face when he first saw Jeremy’s body at the Gilbert home was crushing. Seeing him break down in his truck near the end of the hour was shattering. Is anyone as depressed as I am after watching this episode? Hopefully, the powers that be can figure out a way to bring Jeremy back that doesn’t involve a massacre or Bonnie losing her soul or her life. Now onto What They Said: Our Favorite Quotes from “Stand by Me.”

Episode: “Stand by Me”
Writer: Julie Plec

Stefan: “Damon, listen to me. Jeremy was one of the five. A hunter.” Damon: “He’s supernatural. The ring won’t work anymore. She [Elena] won’t survive this.”

Damon (to Rebekah): “He [Jeremy] killed your brother. Let’s not with the fake sad face.”

Damon (to Rebekah): “If there’s one thing that’s a guarantee in this miserable, little world is that Katherine Pierce is gone. We need to find Bonnie.”

Elena: “There’s absolutely no way that my brother is dead. I’m not in denial.”

Stefan: “I mean, talk about denial. In my head I was thinking that there was no way Elena was gonna stay a vampire forever. And now without any family.”

Caroline: “We need to make plans, lists. We need a funeral. Or a cover story. Or a funeral and a cover story.”

Caroline: “You’re right I will do that. I will call Matt and then I’ll go tell my mom. And then I will make a list or a casserole or — I don’t know — whatever people are supposed to do or make in these situations.”

Caroline: “What’s that smell?” Stefan: “It’s his body. He’s starting to decompose.”

Rebekah: “Do you think Bonnie is dead?” Damon: “Never thought I’d say this but I hope not.”

Damon (to Rebekah): “Scaredy cat.”

Rebekah: “You’re so scared you’re 1200 miles away from where you’re supposed to be.” Damon: “Hey, somebody needed to find Bonnie.” Rebekah: “Stefan could’ve done that. Aren’t you Elena’s current love? It’s so hard to keep track these days. Shouldn’t you be comforting her?”

Damon (to Rebekah): “Sorry. Better you than me.”

Damon (to Vaughn): “Just the guy I wanted to see. Not really.”

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Elena: “You’re not dosing me again, are you?” Matt: “Poison your best friend once…and suspicion follows you forever.”

Matt: “Where are Bonnie and Damon?” Elena: “We lost Bonnie on the island. Damon stayed back to try and find her.” Matt: “That’s funny. Doesn’t he hate her?” Elena: “He doesn’t…hate her. I think he actually kind of loves her. You’re mean to the people you care about.” Matt: “That’s some messed up logic.” Elena: “Damon logic.” Matt: “Damon logic.”

Damon: “Took you long enough.” Rebekah: “Sorry, I had to dig the arrow out of my spine. Thank you for that.”

Damon: “You are creepy.” Rebekah: “Thank you.”

Damon: “I wanted that cure for her because it’s what she wanted. You might think I’m afriad to go back but I’m not because I know what she needs. She needs me to bring her best friend home.”

Damon (to Bonnie): “I could actually hug you right now.”

Elena: “You brought me to the stoner pit?” Matt: “I want you to see something.”

Matt: “This town, this crazy-ass world we live in, sometimes not being willing to accept that someone’s gone is because maybe they’re not. At least not completely.” Elena: “Do you really, really believe?” Matt: “Yes.” Elena: “If I compelled you tell me the truth, is that what you would say?” Matt: “I would tell you that it’s OK to have hope…because sometimes that’s all that keeps me going.” Elena: “Thanks, Matt.”

Damon: “Caroline, I need to talk to my brother.”

Damon: “She’s out of her mind, Stefan. The nutty professor has got her totally brainwashed.”

Elena: “We need a cover story, right? You think I didn’t hear you guys talking earlier? Well, what’re we gonna say? Animal attack? Tumble down the stairs? No, we burn the house down with him inside it.” Stefan: “Elena, stop it!” Elena: “Why? Because you want me to not be in denial? You want me to face the truth? This is the truth, Stefan. I don’t wanna live here anymore. I don’t want these sketches. I don’t want this X-Box. Not gonna need this bourbon anymore. Alaric’s not here to drink it. I mean, unless you guys are willing to bring back every supernatural creature on the other side to get him back. Would you? I know you want your drinking buddy back. Would you, Damon? Because I wouldn’t. I don’t know. I mean, does that make me a bad person? I have no idea…”

Elena: “What else are we supposed to do with the body, Caroline. I mean, there’s…there’s no room in the Gilbert family plot. Jenna and John took the last spots.”

Elena: “There’s nothing here for me anymore, Stefan. Every inch of this house is filled with memories of the people that I love that have died. My mom, my dad, Jeremy and Jenna and Alaric…John, even John. They’re all dead. Everyone is dead.”

Damon: “I can help you. I want you to let me help you. I can help you.” Elena: “How?” Damon: “Turn it off. Just turn it off. And everything will go away. That’s what you have to do. It’s what I want you to do. Just turn it off.”

Stefan: “Her humanity, Damon. That was all she had left.” Damon: “Humanity means nothing when you don’t have anyone to care about, Stefan.” Stefan: “She had you.” Damon: “She lost her brother. I’m not enough. Not this time.” Stefan: “Listen, Damon. I know that you and I we’ve been through some bad spots, lately, especially when it comes to her. Damon: “Yeah, well. Guess none of that matters anymore.” Stefan: “I just, um, I want you to now that I, uh…” Damon: “I know, Stefan.”

Stefan: “What if one day when this is all over, you want to come home again?” Elena: “I won’t.”

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday March 14 on the CW at 8/7c.

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