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Necessary Roughness Season 2 Finale Preview: “There’s The Door” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network
Photo Credit: Richard DuCree/USA Network

USA Network’s Necessary Roughness ends its second season tonight.

“There’s the Door” Synopsis: A secret surfaces and threatens to cause a scandal that could bring down the Hawks’ entire season. Dani (Callie Thorne) makes a decision regarding her feelings for Matt (Marc Blucas) and Nico (Scott Cohen).

This back portion of season 2 has been supremely enjoyable. What we’ve loved:

  • TK’s journey post-rehab. Mehcad Brooks has been pretty amazing as we’ve seen his character struggle with his sobriety and lose his place on the team to “Toes” Kittridge (guest star Robbie Jones). Adding a sponsor to his support team was really well done. The guy has the wide receiver in ballet classes, which is awesome.
  • Dani’s therapy sessions with her mentor, Dr. Albert Gunner, have been fabulous and have added even more depth to the show. We totally dig the presence of guest star Peter MacNicol. Hopefully, he’ll be back for more next season.
  • We’re still torn on whether Dani should be with Matt or Nico. Dani took a huge risk in “Regret Me Not” when she admitted to Matt she made a mistake. She wants him back. And she’s willing to have his babies. Unfortunately, Matt didn’t take Dani’s declaration too well. He’s just starting to move on with that reporter (guest star Michaela McManus). Matt’s going to change his mind, right? If he does, is he going to do it before Dani turns to Nico?
  • Rex Evans, the quarterback of the Hawks, has a secret of his own that he wants outed. Problem is, coming out of the closet is going to have huge repercussions on his life, on his family and friends, and on his team. How are his teammates going to react? In the promo for tonight’s finale, Evans turns to TK for support, even though he’s pretty much treated TK like crap. Will TK continue to mature and help his quarterback when he really needs it?
  • We like how there’s been an even bigger emphasis on the New York Hawks. As much as Dani’s standalone cases are fun, the real drama is with the Hawks and its players and management.
  • While Ray J is still getting himself into trouble, it’s interesting how Dani’s daughter, Lindsay, has finally gotten her act together enough to actually support and be a comfort to her mom. We’ve been waiting for that to happen. What took her so long?

So what do you guys think? Should Dani be with Matt or Nico? Will Mark Cuban buy the Hawks? Or will Rex’s coming out threaten to ruin everything for the team? Also, will TK take back his rightful spot as the Hawks’ number one talent? He better. “Toes” is an arrogant jerk.

Guest starring in tonight’s episode are: Business Mogul Mark Cuban (Shark Tank and owner of NBA’s Dallas Mavericks) — he’s playing himself – Jeffrey Nordling (Once and Again, Arrow, Dirt, Desperate Housewives etc.) and Neil Hopkins (Lost). The season 2 finale of Necessary Roughness airs at 10/9c on USA Network.

Our Moment of Goodness from the finale is right here.



“There’s the Door” is part of USA’s Characters Unite month to combat hate, intolerance and discrimination.  This episode features part two of a courageous coming out storyline with a player on the New York Hawks football team.   A PSA in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) will premiere following the episode directing viewers to more information and resources at

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