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Deja View: Tom Lipinski [Suits, The Following, Deception] 

Tom Lipinski in FOX’s The Following — Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX

“Hey, it’s that guy! Wait a minute, I just saw him. There he is again! ”

That was me this week. And if you’re a Suits fan and The Following and Deception are the highlights of your Monday night, then this was probably you too. Tom Lipinski has been popping up all over my radar lately.


I first got to know him as Mike’s weed-selling, blackmailing friend/roommate, Trevor. It was easy to feel like he was to blame for Mike going down the wrong path, but truth be told, it’s also because of Trevor that Mike ended up as a first year alongside Harvey Specter. And while Trevor definitely played more of a role the first season, he’s managed to pop up a few times this season as well.


That being said, his absence from Suits isn’t necessarily a bad thing as its given him time to be a part of one of my new favorites, Deception. Back in January, he debuted in a home video as Vivian Bowers’ baby-daddy/assistant-whistle-blower, Ben Presswick. He always appeared overly flappable and panicked, making it seem like Vivian was the mastermind behind this plan; however, I have to give him credit, even after Vivian’s murder, he paired up with her brother Edward to continue unveiling the truth about Robert Bowers’ company. And despite being hauled in for questioning by the police, all was appearing to go fairly well. Until he got hit by a bus. But to be fair, this was hardly his fault. It wasn’t like he just forgot to look both ways before crossing a street. Nope, someone had it out for him and tazed him from behind just as the bus was approaching. We have yet to discover who this hooded man was, but I think it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing much more of Ben.

The Following

But worry not! Lately, Tom seems to find gigs left and right, as he made his first appearance as a creepy Carroll cult-member on this week’s episode of The Following. He has yet to do much, but his character, Charlie, is currently playing chauffeur/kidnapper (?) to Claire (Natalie Zea) as part of Joe’s twisted plot. And since I have yet to like or trust him in either of his other roles, I’m already convinced that his character is sufficiently creepy and unstable to play an obedient Poe-loving soldier in Carroll’s army. According to IMDB, Charlie is set to appear in at least three more episodes, after which, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Lipinski pop up on more of our favorite shows when we least expect him. And this time, I’ll actually know his name.

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