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Continuum Preview: Time’s Up [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/Syfy
Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/Syfy

Continuum continues tonight on Syfy. In last week’s episode, we found out more about Kiera’s past as she had to protect her grandmother from the destructive ways of Liber8. This week, it looks like we’re going to find out more about young Alec Sadler in “Time’s Up”. 

Synopsis for “Time’s Up”: Liber8 gets vicious as they enter the public execution biz when they kidnap a corporate executive. But what’s Alec’s family have to do with this?

Some burning questions:

  • Why didn’t Kellogg die when Liber8 killed his grandmother?
  • What reality are they in — did they create another timeline when they jumped back to the past?
  • How clueless is Carlos going to remain?
  • When will Carlos and Alec come face to face?
  • Things have gotten decidedly more focused and serious since Kagame joined the team in present-day Vancouver. How long will Liber8 be able to function before dividing into factions? Travis doesn’t seem happy to have had to relinquish his leadership role.
  • Will Kiera continue to have to play God when it comes to changing the future? Or is all that moot if she’s currently in a different timeline?
  • We’re enjoying Kellogg’s uneasy alliance with Kiera. Are you guys?

Continuum airs Monday nights at 10/9c on Syfy. And heads up: According to Continuum‘s Victor Webster, he’ll be live tweeting tonight’s East Coast airing. Yay!

Sneak Peek


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  1. Heather M

    I loved these episodes as the turning point for Kellogg. He snuck up on me and was my favorite by the end of the season.

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