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Person of Interest “Booked Solid” 

Photo Credit:CBS
Photo Credit:CBS

One of the things that I’ve always loved about Person of Interest and what I feel sets it apart from the rest is the extraordinary amount of detail that is put into each episode.  If a plot is introduced and then left hanging for some reason, be sure to tuck it away because you can be damn sure it will re-surface even if it’s in the next season.  So many shows on television today begin storylines, bring a new group of writers on board, and then, those arcs are never to be heard from again.  That has never happened on Person of Interest, and I honestly can’t imagine it ever will.  Every plot, every detail eventually falls into place, and to pull something as remarkable as that off takes an enormous amount of forethought and a superior team of writers and producers.  Tonight’s episode is a perfect example of this.

In “Booked Solid”, we also get a special treat of Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) going undercover to protect their POI, instead of the usual Finch working from the library and Reese being out in the field.  Their covers are as employees of The Coronet Hotel where their POI, Mira Dobrica (Mia Maestro), works.  In the process of their investigation, Reese and Finch uncover a prostitution ring run by the manager of the hotel.  So, the initial thought was the hotel manager, or someone on his staff, was the threat to Mira especially if she was thinking of blowing the whistle on their operation.  However, they soon realize that the real threat isn’t anyone from the hotel but people from Mira’s past.  After immigrating to the United States as a Serbian refugee when she was 16 years old, Mira left behind her family who had been executed by a group whose leader was a Colonel Petrovich.  The catch is that Petrovich is now running for Deputy Prime Minister, and if he ends up being accused of war crimes, that career would be over.  To neutralize the problem, a military hit squad of at least a half dozen professional assassins are sent to kill Mira, as well as a journalist that she had been confiding in.  After enlisting the help of our favorite detective, Lionel Fusco (Kevin Chapman), all of the assassins are killed, and Mira is finally safe.  But, Finch takes it a step further.  If you recall, in past episodes Finch had often given the POI’s jobs in some of his companies, whether to keep them safe or simply to given them a better life.  In this case, Finch actually buys the Coronet Hotel, and to make sure “it is always working well”, he hires Mira as the hotel manager.  Now that’s what I call going the extra mile to help someone in need.

But the real drama of the episode doesn’t really begin until after our POI is saved and the main plot is pretty much over.  We all should remember the government assassion, Mr. Hersh (Boris McGiver), who was sent into Rikers Island to kill Reese in the episode “Prisoner’s Dilemma”.  I will be the first to admit that I had almost forgotten about the guy, but as I said before, never forget about a character or an unfinished arc because you can bet that they will be back.  After finally being released from Rikers Island, Mr. Hersh hears about the murders at the Coronet Hotel and recognizes it as the work of the “rogue operative” that they are hunting.  But, just like all of the other government thugs that have been sent to kill Reese, none of them are anywhere near a match, and Mr. Hersh leaves the hotel with a knife in his gut.

Photo Credit:CBS
Photo Credit:CBS

Besides Mr. Hersh and his ties to the Office of Special Council, another character that we may have forgotten about is Detective Cal Beecher (Sterling K. Brown).  We should remember him as the smooth-talking detective that Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson) has been dating and who, unknown to Carter, has ties to HR.  After being offered a position at the FBI, Carter has to undergo a polygraph test, and the offer is suddenly rescinded after being asked about her relationship with Detective Beecher.  Armed with this information, Carter now knows that Beecher may be dirty, or at least is being given a hard look by Internal Affairs.  As someone who never looks the other way, we know Carter will investigate this, which will lead her right to the doorsteps of HR.  Let’s just hope Reese and Finch, and even Fusco, won’t be far behind because as we all should remember, HR isn’t an organization to be contended with alone.

The final Easter egg in tonight’s episode is the return of a foe that we all knew would be back but just didn’t know when – Root (Amy Acker).  Ever since her attempts to locate the Machine had failed with Finch in the season premiere, we had been wondering what this girl has been up to.  Apparently, she decides that if she can’t get to the Machine through Finch, she’ll do it through someone else who has knowledge of the Machine – in this case, the head of the Office of Special Council (Jay O. Sanders).  For the past two months, she has carefully groomed herself as this guy’s faithful assistant, gaining his trust, and doing whatever it takes to obtain the information she needs.  Looking back now, this would have been the obvious next step for Root, but at the same time, it’s not something that anyone really foresaw, which makes the development of this story line even more brilliant.  Very nice work, Person of Interest. 

All in all, this was a fantastic episode.  It was beautifully written, weaving together bits and pieces of past storylines into a top-notch A+ episode.  Oh, and the icing on the cake is that the writers didn’t forget about Valentine’s Day.  While we knew that it would be impossible for Finch to be with his love, Grace, on Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons, they didn’t forget about Reese.  Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco) is back tonight, and Reese and Zoe finally decide to “play house” for real, courtesy of the penthouse of Finch’s new hotel 🙂 A perfect ending to a perfect episode.

Person of Interest airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.




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