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Guest Star Goodness

White Collar Preview: Titus Welliver Alert! [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA Network
Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA Network

We’re always excited when Titus Welliver pops up on a show. Usually that signals the presence of another bad guy (unless it’s Suits). Tonight on USA Network, Welliver guest stars on White Collar. And, yeah, from the look of the clips, he’s not going to be all buddy buddy with Neal or Peter. Not a shocker.

Synopsis for “Brass Tacks”: Peter (Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) begin their investigation into Senator Pratt’s involvement with a ring of corrupt cops who framed Neal’s father and tore his family apart. They soon find a connection between the Senator and a crooked real estate developer who is running a kickback scheme.

Let’s do a little guest star goodness because we’re really looking forward to some of the actors appearing in “Brass Tacks” in addition to Welliver:

Titus Welliver
White Collar Role: Senator Terrence Pratt — he’s a U.S. Senator with ties to Neal’s dad. If you watch any of the clips below, you’ll see Neal’s not too happy to be sharing space with the guy.
TV Credits: It would take several pages to list all of Welliver’s TV gigs — if there were a Guest Star Hall of Fame, he would certainly be one of the inductees. Over the years, he’s showed up in New York Undercover, NYPD Blue, Star Trek: Voyager, Sons of Anarchy and Deadwood. But I loved that he was one of the Four Horsemen (War) on an episode of Supernatural; was the Man in Black on Lost; good guy Dominic Barone on Suits; Peter Florrick’s rival, Glenn Childs, on The Good Wife; and Farley Kolt in Grimm‘s “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau” — which was the episode that turned my like for the NBC series into love and maybe even worship.

Reed Diamond

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA Network
Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA Network

White Collar Role: He’s Cole Edwards, the crooked real estate developer who is running a kickback scheme.
TV Credits: Even though Reed Diamond is currently playing (the awesome yet douche-y) Damien Karp on TNT’s Franklin & Bash, that hasn’t stopped him from moonlighting on other TV shows. Recently, he’s appeared on USA network’s Common Law as Sonya Walger’s significant other; he was a member of the Monroe Militia on NBC’s Revolution; and he’s done three episodes of FOX’s Bones as FBI Special Agent Hayes Flynn. He’s a TV vet with as many credits to his name as Titus Welliver. He first entered our radar when he played Detective Mike Kellerman on the late great (gritty) series Homicide: Life on the Streets and we also loved him on the short-lived show Dollhouse.

Peter Scolari
White Collar Role: He’s the keymaster Mozzie turns to for help.
TV Credits: We’re not sure who Peter Scolari is playing in tonight’s episode, but who cares. It’s enough just knowing he’ll be a part of the action. One of our favorite projects of his has to be when he was Henry on the underrated classic sitcom Bosom Buddies. He and Tom Hanks played down on their luck friends who move into an all-women’s establishment. Of course that means disguising themselves as fierce females because it’s the only apartment they can afford. So Kip and Henry became Buffy and Hilda. The show was fun and funny and didn’t last as long as it should have. Scolari’s post-Bosom Buddies career included playing the hilarious Michael to Julia Duffy’s equally hilarious Stephanie on the series Newhart. Seriously, the two were massive scene stealers. Peter took on the Rick Moranis role when a small screen version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids ran in syndication in the late ’90s. And he currently recurs as Hannah’s dad on HBO’s Girls. You probably know this show is mighty racy. Well, during season 1, Scolari had a very revealing scene, if you know what we mean. If you can’t tell, we love, love, love Peter Scolari. That is all.

White Collar “Brass Tacks” airs tonight on USA Network @ 10/9c.


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