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Nashville Thoughts: Second Chances 

Nashville Thoughts | Second Chances

Photo Credit: Chris Hollo/ABC
Photo Credit: Chris Hollo/ABC

This week’s episode of ABC’s Nashville (“You Win Again”) is all about second chances and now I have “Wrong Song” running through my head – iTunes here I come. Here’s a recap along with my thoughts…


The chemistry between Rayna and Liam is hard to miss and is overshadowing the fact that “Wrong Song” is a duet. And with Teddy wondering where he stands with his wife, I’m wondering if Rayna is about to move on.  And then the truth came out. The chemistry isn’t about the woman, it’s about the star. Liam gets a bonus if he can get Rayna to jump ship and join a different label. Bye bye Liam.


The newly single Juliette gave the opposite of a Speech from the Heart at her mother’s hearing despite Deacon’s encouragement. And after that lackluster statement to the judge and the subsequent dressing down she gave to her sober mom at the party, I was thinking “second chances” weren’t on the immediate horizon between mother and daughter.

And then Deacon helped Juliette see the light and she started mending fences with her mom. Get a tissue, because this was the best part of the episode.


The newly unemployed Deacon is selling his house and thinking about falling off the wagon after being accused of falling by former band mate and all around jerk, Cy, in a magazine article.  He managed to stay on the wagon, but the axe has fallen on his career, but now that Rayna is down one guitarist and Juliette keeps asking him to join the tour, Deacon might not be down and out after all.

A reunion will be interesting, because I know who Maddie’s Daddy is!!!! When Rayna was with Deacon, she put him in rehab 5 times and when he went away that fifth time, Rayna married solid and dependable Teddy.  I’m thinking that she was preggers when she married Teddy.

Avery / Scarlett / Gunnar

Avery’s head is getting bigger or he’s just getting more confident and after hearing him sing, I can see why.  Karma still owes Avery a dance and with Scarlett and his former bandmate standing in the audience staring daggers at him, I think that dance will be coming up soon.

In the mean time, Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery’s former band have teamed up together to make beautiful music (not a euphemism) of their own.  By the way, Gunnar got his guitar back, but his not-so-ex con brother jumped bail and Gunnar lied to the parole officer. You know that’ll come back to bite him. At least Jason (his brother) returned his Gibson.

Next Time on Nashville [airing in two weeks]

Temptation. Deacon and Rayna. Teddy and Peggy. Scarlett and Gunnar; but do these two really count?  We’ve just been waiting for them to get it together and then get together. Who’s going to go too far?

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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