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Syfy Preview: Tonight’s Continuum, Being Human & Lost Girl [VIDEO] 

Well, we’ve hit another one of Syfy’s Powerful Mondays — new episodes of Continuum, Being Human and Lost Girl are on the way tonight.

Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/Syfy
Photo Credit: Kharen Hill/Syfy

Apparently, the ratings for Continuum‘s series premiere were less than stellar (although it’s a big hit in Canada). We’re hoping people will start checking this show out sooner rather than later. Our favorite reasons to tune into this show:

1. The concept. A cop from the future finds herself trapped in the present day. When a group of fanatical terrorists escape their planned execution in 2077 by vaulting back in time to 2012, they inadvertently sweep along Kiera, a dedicated City Protective Services officer. What’s particularly interesting is that, in the future, the cops are protecting the corporations. The bad guys are fighting for democracy. Unfortunately, they’re doing so using criminal and destructive acts. We’re wondering if Kiera’s beliefs (Corporations, good; Democracy, bad) will start changing now that she’s in the brave new world that is 2012. Plus, something was going on with her husband in 2077. Can’t wait for that mystery to unravel.

2. The Kiera-Alec Sadler dynamic. In 2012, Kiera’s super tech-y suit still works, which is pretty awesome. But it comes with the assistance from some teen tech genius named Alec. So far we’re loving the way these two interact. And the fact that he plays a big part in the future is awesome as well. The scenes featuring stars Rachel Nichols and Erik Knudsen are fun and informative. We’re definitely looking forward to this relationship evolving.

3. The Victor Webster factor. We’re not going to lie, the presence of Victor Webster is probably the biggest reason why we wanted to check this show out. We’ve loved him from his soap opera days (on NBC’s Days of Our Lives) to his playing the super-powered Brennan Muwlray on the syndicated series Mutant X all the way up to his being an obstacle to Castle and Beckett getting together on ABC’s Castle. Yes, we’ve got a bit of a TV crush on the guy. And every show needs some eye candy. Just saying. As Detective Carlos Fennegra, he’s going to be working closely with Kiera as they track down the terrorists from the future. Well, she knows they’re from the future. He doesn’t. How long is that secret going to exist between them? Inquiring minds want to know.

Synopsis for tonight’s Continuum “Fast Times”:  Kiera tries to find the members of Liber8 before they do more damage. Her attempts are hindered when her cover is blown and her partner on the VPD, Carlos Fonnegra, arrests her.

 Continuum “Fast Times” airs tonight at 8/7c on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

On Being Human, Aidan is above ground, once again; Sam is human and Sally is basically a reanimated corpse. It all makes for a game-changing season, one the cast has continually said is their best yet.

Synopsis for tonight’s  Being Human “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun”: Sally takes advantage of her new human body and flirts with an old acquaintance.

 Being Human “(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun” airs at 9/8c on Syfy.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

And finally, Lost Girl rounds out Syfy’s lineup of all-new Monday night programming.

Synopsis for tonight’s Lost Girl “Subterranean”: Bo must venture underground after Kenzi fears one of her friends is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Dyson’s new partner looks like trouble for Bo.

 Lost Girl “Subterranean” airs at 10/9c on Syfy.

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