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Revenge “Collusion” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Poor Aiden….he has to watch as Emily and Daniel, kind of get back to together. Not only that, Helen from the Initiative finally shows him a video of his sister and says if he doesn’t kill Victoria Grayson in the next 24 hours, he will never see his sister again. What is a guy to do? Emily does stop him. But since he didn’t do the deed, Helen sent him a video of his sister overdosing. Is she really dead? He says if it is true, it’s Emily’s fault.

Poor Nolan….Can’t this guy catch a break? He finally got a clue that Padma was bad news. The only woman that he can actually trust is Emily and of course she was there to steer him in the right direction; he should use Padma the way she is using him. (Side note: This week Nolan referred to Aidan as Thomas Crowne! I have no idea why I’m getting a kick out of this but I am!)

Poor Jack….he gets set up and sent to jail by his so-called partners of the Stowaway. His fiancée is not actually his “Amanda.” Now he has to be saved by Conrad Grayson, which will still make him poor Jack!

Poor Conrad….wait he can fend for himself. He’s started this mess, or did he?

Some questions for everyone to think about:

  • Why did we not get a bigger reaction from the family that Charlotte was changing her last name from Grayson to Clarke? (I’m sure we will and it was nice to see Emily enjoy the moment.)
  • Why do Kenny and Nate Ryan feel the need to ruin Jack’s life when the problem is with their dead fathers? (If you hurt Jack, you hurt the rest of us.)
  • Why is Nate still trying to get his hands on the Stowaway? Why do I think we might have a brother against brother situation at some point?
  • Why is Declan not doing anything but just standing around and thinking? (You kind of owe Jack since it’s your fault that the Ryan brothers are partners in the bar. I mean it goes back to your father, but let the guy rest in peace!)
  • Why are Aiden, Jack and Daniel so hot? (I know, not important, but I have to always ask)

Watch Revenge on ABC, Sunday nights at 9/8c. The next new episode airs February 10. That’s a three-week mini-hiatus, people.

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