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Nashville Thoughts: Black Mascara Tears 

Photo Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC
Photo Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC

Nashville may not have won any Golden Globes, but I think the nominations for Hayden Panettiere and Connie Britton were well deserved. This week’s episode (“I’m Sorry for You, My Friend”) was full of shake ups…

Juliette – The newlywed is getting annulled. Did she commit fraud by marrying the football star? He made it clear how seriously he took this commitment. I say “yes,” and so does Juliette as she agrees to the annulment.  It was pretty said when they parted ways.

But the heart broken Juliette may not be alone for long as she traded insults with Liam. Sexual tension or just good old fashioned dislike?  I thought Liam and Rayna might have something brewing and the preview for next week is feeding that theory.

Rayna – Heads home in the midst of the tour to stand by her man on election night.  She arrived just in time for a lackluster greeting as Teddy won the mayoral election.  Their celebration was underwhelming so I take it that the separation is still on.  Wonder if Teddy was considering an indiscretion when Peggy (who took too many pills “by accident”) stopped by his hotel room to congratulation him.  He did have the room for the rest of the night.

Did Lamar buy that election? Are elections for sale?

Deacon – Comes to the rescue and Scarlett is the damsel in distress as Cy, the band leader, decides to gift her with a little date rape.  “I QUIT!” “YOU’RE FIRED!!” Why not a call to 911?  Or at the very least to TMZ?  Groupies beware!

Gunnar – Turns out that he has an ex-con brother who has a great voice too.  The brother dropped the “ex” within a few hours of being paroled and took off with a brown paper bag and a gun in his back. What did he learn in jail?  And where is Gunnar’s guitar?  Pawn Shop search begins at dawn.

Avery – He has barely taken a whiff of fame and already he knows it all and went behind his manager’s back (Marilyn) to sign a contract with Dominic Wells in exchange for a car.  First Scarlett, then the band, and now his manager – Karma loves a good challenge and I think he’s going to provide her with one.

Stay Tuned – This week was short and bitter sweet and I can’t wait for next week. The preview was exciting.  The Label is shining a brighter light on Rayna than Juliette, which is causing all kinds of drama. And Teddy catches on to the chemistry between Rayna and Liam (her producer) and makes an accusation. If he accuses her first, maybe he can distract from Peggy. I still think something is there.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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