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Haven Preview: “Reunion/Thanks for the Memories” 

Photo credit: Syfy
Photo credit: Syfy

After a month’s postponement, Haven is back tonight with the last two episodes of the third season airing back to back. Plan your DVRing accordingly, because I don’t know if we’ll get credit breaks or timeslot overrun or whatnot.

So, when we left off, everybody had been ruled out as the skinwalker until we found it out in the closing moments that it was Claire, or it was wearing Claire (shudder). And it had a gun on Emily. Before that, Emily and Nathan kind of, sort of, had a chat about staying away from each other all season (and breaking my heart, but I digress).

So, tonight, we dive back in, and Laura Vandervoort is along for the ride. The show will thankfully be back later this year for a fourth season. We’ll just have to see in what condition they leave us at the end of tonight’s episodes. The fun begins this morning with an all-day marathon of season three. The two-hour finale starts at 8 pm/7c on Syfy.

Here’s a preview to get you ready:

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