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We Need to Know: Why is [SPOILER] Still in the Competition? Top Chef: Seattle “Battle Before the War” 

Top Chef[Warning: Spoilers for the latest Top Chef including who was eliminated and who is still in the competition]

I’m absolutely stunned and perplexed at the latest elimination on Top Chef. I just don’t get it. I thought I heard the name wrong. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Micah was sent packing instead of Josie. Does Josie really make things that much more interesting when she’s around? I know, I know, the judges treat each challenge as its own entity. They don’t factor what a chef has done previously in the competition into the mix. I get it. I don’t always like it, but I get it.

Having said that, it definitely seemed like the judges weren’t happy with Micah’s dish. His raw food concept didn’t connect with them. He didn’t get to plate exactly what he wanted to — the store didn’t have the beef tenderloin he needed to make the surf-and-turf dish he had originally intended. And it’s clear, he should have been in the bottom with the smorgasboard of raw fish on a bed of raw veggies he served those in attendance. The judges thought he did C- work. Just from looking at his dish, it didn’t seem like he did enough to impress anyone.

However, what the judges had to say about Josie’s contribution to the elimination challenge seemed much worse to me. They admitted to liking the concept. It didn’t seem all that original to me but I’m all for Cuban cuisine done Miami style. Tom Colicchio, once again, had to refer to The Josie Show, because the chef had to break out her song-and-dance routine to distract everyone from the fact her dish took a while to get to the plate. The judges looked impatient. That’s not good, right?

As for the actual food, the judges felt Josie’s pork was dry and flavorless. Gail actually said the pork was “almost inedible.” Tom thought her dried-out pork was as “hard as this table.” Josie commented about how she got some good feedback from the diners. Is that what saved her? Because I would like to know. It always seems like Josie’s saved for whatever inconceivable reason. At this point, I would like to know specifics. I love the judges and I do have faith in them. But there’s no way Josie should be around to compete in Restaurant Wars. C minus work is definitely better than “almost inedible,” right?

Some of the good stuff that happened in “Battle Before the War””

  • I want Brooke’s dish from the Quickfire Challenge (chefs were tasked with incorporating ginger). That Ginger-Caramel Squid with Fresh Lime & Chili Powder looked creative and delicious.
  • Loved that this was the precursor to the infamous Restaurant Wars challenge. I liked that everyone had to come up with a concept near and dear to them. And they had to come up with a dish that best represented that concept.
  • Kristen and Sheldon won. So not only did they each earn $10,000, it’s their concepts the chefs will be making a reality in the next episode.
  • Kristen’s on fire. I hope she doesn’t flame out in Restaurant Wars. The most vulnerable chefs in that challenge are the captains. So Sheldon and Kristen need to be careful and they need to be on their game. They cannot make many mistakes or they could go home before their time.

Last Chance Kitchen [More spoilers ahead]

  • Micah and CJ had to cook a raw dish using some fresh meat/seafood. So Micah had no excuses this time.
  • As much as I like Micah, I knew he was going to be no match for CJ. CJ has the LCK thing down pat. He’s virtually unstoppable right now and if he’s not going to be in the finale for LCK, I’ll be shocked and a little upset. He’s worked so hard. And won so many of these in a row that he deserves to be there.
  • It’s funny. When he was on Top Chef, I wasn’t a big fan of CJ. In Last Chance Kitchen, I am.

Save a Chef Voting

  • CJ has been cleaning up in Last Chance Kitchen. Chef Kuniko has been cleaning up in the Save a Chef voting. The next week is going to be her biggest challenge yet since Micah’s been in the Top Chef competition long enough to probably have amassed a following. However, I’m still going to stick to my guns and vote for Kuniko. I want to see her in the LCK finale.

Top Chef: Seattle airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

Preview Clip: Episode 10

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