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Nashville Thoughts: “The Only Thing I Hate Are Hangovers, This is Just Business” 

Photo Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC

When we left Nashville…

  • Juliette proposed to her boyfriend (his mom isn’t a fan)
  • Rayna was still wondering if her husband had an affair with Peggy
  • Peggy swallowed a bottle of pills (her husband found her)
  • Deacon went on tour
  • Avery has to choose between his band and a solo career
  • Gunnar kissed Scarlett and was dumped by his girlfriend
  • Juliette and Rayna wrote and sang a duet

Now we’re back…SPOILER ALERT for “Be Careful of Stones That You Throw”

Juliette got married. 

  • Yep. Juliette ran off with her boyfriend and blew off recording her duet with Rayna.  Are we surprised that they didn’t come home to a happy reception?  A church wedding was immediately (and resentfully) called up by the in laws.  Her mother-in-law hasn’t warmed up and their conflict pushed Juliette to visit with her mother – it didn’t go well.
  • Her mom looks fantastic though; who does the hair and makeup in rehab?
  • In the end, Juliette didn’t go through with the church wedding.  Was it that gorgeous, antique cameo that pushed her over the edge?  Or did her mom nail it when she told Juliette that she was using a marriage to a stranger as a way to fill up a deep whole inside herself?  Ouch.

Rayna is going on tour.

  • The chickens have come to roost (is that the phrase?) in Rayna’s household as she lists off all of Teddy’s sins: stealing money, lying, Peggy.  She’s removing the girls from a “toxic environment by taking them on her 5 month tour (school’s for suckers).  Teddy responds that he’ll fight her on taking the girls away.  They sound more like a couple getting divorced than a couple having a disagreement.  Turns out they’re separating and using the tour as a cover; the girls are staying home.
  • Lamar jumped in to help make things right and stirred up more conflict.  Damn, he’s good at that.  So good, in fact, that I can’t wait until next week.  Who’s Maddie’s bio-dad?  I know, I know.  Deacon?

Avery is moving up to the big time.

  • Wyclef Jean (Dominic) made a comment that Avery doesn’t owe anyone anything.  Then said ‘except me.’  Giving off the perfect amount of creepy that made me wonder what Avery is signing up for should he choose to dump is band and head off to Oz with Dominic.
  • Well, the break up with the band didn’t go so well, but somehow I don’t think Avery minded that much; he was too busy falling back into bed with Scarlett.  For 20 minutes, Scarlett forgot why they broke up; she got a reminder when she learned about Avery choosing Dominic over his band.

Scarlett and Gunnar

  • They’re trying to write together again.  It’s still awkward. That’s all.
  • To be honest, I want them to get together.  They’re a sweet teen lit novel waiting to happen. We just need a vampire, a werewolf and a witch.  I am loving this confident, doesn’t take crap, Scarlett.  New Scarlett hired herself as Avery’s replacement in his ex-band and she brought the house down.  Avery got to watch per performance online.  I love smart phones.

Welcome back, Nashville. It airs Wednesdays on ABC at 10/9c. Congrats to Connie Britton on her Best Actress nomination — find out if she wins a Golden Globe on Sunday, January 13 on NBC.

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