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Merlin Preview: “Arthur’s Bane, Part Two” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Nick Briggs/Syfy
Photo Credit: Nick Briggs/Syfy

 [Warning: Spoilers for Merlin season 5 Episodes 1 and 2]

At the end of the season 5 premiere of Merlin, both the young wizard and Arthur were in a precarious situation. They’d been captured and Mordred made his presence known.

Tomorrow night, the action continues with the prophecies of Mordred beginning to weigh heavily on Merlin. But first, he and the King of Camelot must try to escape captivity. Just watch it all unfold in this fantastic (and ice-cold) sneak peek of “Arthur’s Bane, Part Two” which airs tonight at 10/9c on Syfy:

Colin Morgan talks Arthur’s Bane, Part One

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