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Chicago Fire “Under The Knife” 

Photo Credit:NBC
Photo Credit:NBC

Relationships – romantic and family.  Both types can cause someone to do some really crazy things that they normally would not do.  Many characters in tonight’s Chicago Fire  learned this lesson the hard way.

The first one goes to Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) and Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund).  I don’t know about the rest of the viewers but this entire relationship and situation pisses me off.  As much as Dawson wants to convince herself otherwise, she used Mills because she felt rejected by Casey (Jesse Spencer).  She knew Peter had a crush on her, and she played on that.  Shame on you, Dawson. The sad part is Peter Mills is a really good guy.  For me, he’s cute as a button, and he’s probably the type of guy most girls wish they could find, the kind that you want to bring home and meet Mom.

But, now, Dawson finds out that Casey wasn’t blowing her off because he was still hung up on Hallie (Terri Reeves).  He was simply preoccupied with the issues with his mother and her parole hearing coming up.  With this information, I can guarantee you poor Peter is about to get dumped fairly quickly, and to top if off, he’s on the bad side with Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) over the relationship.

That brings me to the one thing that I really didn’t like about this episode and the one part that didn’t make sense.  I get fraternization and how dating in the workplace is a really bad idea.  I’ve known people who have done it, and it rarely ends well.  However, Chief Boden dumped all over Mills, but didn’t seem to say a word to Dawson even though she’s been in trouble at least twice recently.  As they say, it takes two to tango, and Dawson should have been on the receiving end of that reprimand as well.  Of course, Dawson saved the day by preventing the illegal girl, Rosa, from getting deported and so, got her gold star with Boden.  Good for you, Dawson — you are just so awesome (sarcastically speaking, obviously).

Next we have Cruz (Joe Minoso).  He let a really bad guy die in order to save his little brother’s life, but this guy is truly struggling with his conscience.   I personally don’t see why he is being so hard on himself for this.  We saw his brother, Leon (Jeff Lima), tonight, and he looked great.  Plus, he’s now enrolling in school.  Would Cruz rather have seen his baby brother die than that monster Flaco?  Even Casey, who has just about as much integrity as anyone on the entire show, understands why Cruz did what he did, which is why he keeps cutting him off every time Cruz tries to bring up the subject.  I really like Cruz’s character, and I truly hope he can move on from this, but I’m having serious doubts now.

Finally, we have Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).  One good thing that came out of tonight’s episode is he finally confessed to Chief Boden his injury and is getting treatment.  So, the cat is out of the bag, and poor Shay (Lauren German) can stop covering for him.  But, the news that he gets from the doctor is pretty bad.  He’s going to be off from work for at least 1 year, and as she put it, “I’ve never seen anyone go back to full squad after this injury”.  To make matters worse, Casey finds Severide getting drunk after telling him that he’s moving to Madrid with his girlfriend, Renee Royce (Sarah Shahi), whom he has been dating only a few weeks.  Whoa.  I really didn’t see that one coming.  If this does happen, will it mean that Taylor Kinney is leaving the show?  I guess only time will tell on that one.  It is worth mentioning that it was announced this week that actress Sarah Shahi has been given a recurring role on Person of Interest, and so, none of us are sure how much more we are going to see of the Renee Royce character.

All in all, I thought that this was a relatively weak episode, especially compared to the past two fantastic ones.  There wasn’t as much action as there normally is, and some of the characters, especially Chief Boden, seemed to be off and almost acting out of character.  On the other hand, not every television series is perfect, and almost every one has their less-than-spectacular episodes.  I still believe this is a fabulous series, and hopefully, the next few episodes will be back on par with the ones we have gotten accustomed to.

Most Memorable Quotes 

  • “My lady may have a secret admirer” – Mouch (Christian Stolte)
  • “Cruz and Cruise. Spelled differently, pronounced the same” – Mouch
  • “You don’t need to get a reputation as someone here for a piece of ass” – Chief Boden to Peter Mills
  • “First time I’ve had sex in 6 months, and Cindy’s pregnant again!” – Herrmann (David Eigenberg)

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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