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Moment of Goodness

5 Moments of Goodness from The Big Bang Theory “The Egg Salad Equivalency” 

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros.

Sheldon Cooper was in rare form last night. After learning that his assistant Alex has a crush on Leonard,
Sheldon violates all of the sexual harassment laws of the State of California by instructing her how to
overcome the weakness of femininity. This goes over as well as one can imagine. She reports him to
Human Resources, and with his ship going down, Sheldon pulls Leonard, Howard and Raj under with
him. Not surprisingly, Sheldon doesn’t remotely learn any kind of lesson after being forced into sexual
harassment training. He’s simply too busy to waste his time with the mandatory training, and delegates
the task to Alex.

Aside from the great one liners, here are the top five moments from “The Egg Salad Equivalency”:

1. Sheldon gets called into Human Resources. After Sheldon learns his assistant Alex hit on Leonard,
he schedules a “talking to” with her. He encourages her to get her sexual urges under control, but
acknowledges this may be difficult because, as his father told him, women are like egg salad sandwiches
on a warm Texas day. “Full of eggs and only appealing for a short time.” If only Amy Farrah Fowler had
been in the room for that one.

2. Sheldon convenes the Council of Ladies. In need of advice for how to diffuse Alex’s interest in
Leonard, Sheldon calls together Amy, Bernadette and Penny, and welcomes them into the Sheldon
Cooper Council of Ladies. The only perk of membership is a pink t-shirt with the Council’s name
emblazoned on the front. You now know what you will see on Sheldon fan-girls at Comic Con 2013.

3. The Misogyny of Breakfast Cereal. Koothrappali makes a stunning discovery that all breakfast cereal
mascots are male. What’s up with that? Count Chocula, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Snap, Crackle,
Pop, and even Buzz, the Cheerios bee. Raj is right, “It’s a total breakfast sausage fest.” But, why stop
there. It seems like sexism is pernicious in the junk food industry. Chester Cheetah ring a bell? Pillsbury
Doughboy? Maybe girls are just too smart to join the corn syrup bandwagon.

4. Giant Jenga towers above Sheldon and Leonard. Giant Jenga joins the list of other Big Bang classic
games like Three Person Chess, Counter-Factuals, and Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock. Giant Jenga
gets them off the couch and in motion, so this may be the closest they ever come to participating in

5. A lab full of cocaine addicted monkeys with nothing to lose. Amy, Penny, and Bernadette closed
ranks immediately when they heard Alex hit on Leonard. Penny never has to worry about another girl
moving into her territory – especially not with Bernadette’s endless supply of infectious diseases and
Amy’s simian army.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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