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Moment of Goodness: [SPOILER] is Eliminated from Bravo’s Top Chef, “Past Suppers” 

Top ChefI never like to rejoice when someone’s knocked down but when it comes to reality TV, that sentiment gets quickly forgotten. The right cheftestant went home at the end of “Past Suppers,” which occurred after three tough challenges: a Quickfire, the Elimination, and a final surprise bonus showdown where the loser exited stage left and went straight to Last Chance Kitchen.

I know Chef John has riled up more than a few of his fellow chefs but I’ve been able to moderately tolerate him all season long. At the end of this episode, I was done. I particularly didn’t appreciate his behavior when he faced Lizzie in the bonus challenge. His last confessional after he was asked to “pack his knives and go” was amazing. Amazing in the sense that I don’t think he realizes how he comes off. He said he wasn’t bitter but that’s exactly how he sounded.

When he wasn’t name-dropping Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert, he was complaining that the pot he used in the elimination challenge wasn’t level. And that’s why his risotto was undercooked in spots, overcooked in others. It was apparent from the awesome panel of Master chefs present during the challenge, that John’s risotto was a disaster. Even if John’s claims were true — and he stated over and over again that he wasn’t making excuses — that’s how it seemed. Like he was making excuses.

I’m sure life without John will be less drama-filled. I wonder if attention will move back to Josie in the next episode. Some of the good stuff that went down:

  • Micah won the quickfire again — that’s two weeks in a row. He’s finally stepping up, which I’m happy about. After all, he’s the Executive Chef of the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. I guess I expected him to shine earlier than he has but I’m happy with his progression in this competition.
  • Kristen won the elimination challenge again. She’s such a badass chef. The Master Chefs were impressed with the way she deconstructed Carla’s chicken pot pie and made it healthier. I really  thought the judges’ panel was going to select Brooke’s dish, which I would have been okay with as well.
  • The best part of the episode was the fact it honored the ten seasons Top Chef has been in existence. It was great to see all the past clips. Two of my favorite quotes that were referred to were Fabio’s “This is not Top Chef, not Top Scallops.” And, of course, one of the most famous quotes to ever be uttered in any reality TV show: “I’m not your bitch, bitch.” My sister and I still regularly use Dave’s quote and it happened in season 1.

[Spoiler Alert] for who won Last Chance Kitchen: In a battle that pitted the most recent eliminated cheftestant (John) against one of his biggest rivals (CJ), CJ prevailed once again for a record fifth LCK win. I really liked the challenge — they got to cook whatever they wanted but they had to use inferior pots and pans. Tom Colicchio seemed to like both dishes but gave the edge to CJ. Now it’s time for Chef Kuniko to go up against “the most hated chef in Dallas,” Chef John, in the Save a Chef competition. Who will you vote for?

Top Chef airs Wednesday at 10/9c on Bravo.

A clip from next week’s episode featuring Josie and Brooke

Preview Clip: Episode 10

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