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Person of Interest “2Ï€R” 

Photo Credit:CBS
Photo Credit:CBS

In the mid-season finale, we’re left hanging, with Reese (Jim Caviezel) heading to prison along with three look-a-likes, and Finch (Michael Emerson) having to run the show on his own.  But, fate has a way of working things out, as the case in this week’s episode turns out to be one where Finch is the better match for the investigation.

As we know, the numbers keep coming, and this week the number is that of high school student Caleb Phipps (Luke Kleintank, Bones).  At first glance, he appears to be an average high school student, one with a 2.6 GPA and mediocre, at best, standardized test scores.  But, with Finch sent in as their substitute math teacher, Mr. Swift, he quickly learns that the kid is a math and computer science prodigy.  See how things work out?  Reese may not have seen that, but it’s something that took Finch all of 5 seconds to figure out.

The episode was superbly written because you never know what the boy’s real story or the motivation for covering up his talent is until the very end.  For all we know, the kid could be a bad seed, as he seems to be dealing drugs, and he may be planning revenge on some kids who killed his brother a few years back.  While Reese is in jail, it’s fun watching Caleb having Finch and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) running in circles, trying to figure out his scheme, but they finally do.  And, the end story gives us just a little more back-story on the mystery of our Harold Finch.

For those who are not aware, data compression is a huge computer problem.  As the Internet continues to grow and as people continue to want to transmit larger amounts of data like video, more superior data compression algorithms are needed.  It so happens that our average student Caleb has come up with such an algorithm that could end up being worth millions.  At first we are led to believe that his computer science teacher is trying to steal the code out of greed, but he is only someone Caleb entrusted it to – to sell it and leave the money in a trust to his money.  Why?  It is because no kids killed his brother – it was accident due to a silly game Caleb and his brother were playing on the train tracks.  You see, Caleb’s number came up because he was planning his own suicide out of guilt.  But, Finch saves his life, and during that dialogue, we learn a little more about our reclusive genius:

                 Take it from someone who thought it would be easier on everyone if you’re gone and then, learned otherwise — Finch

We know that Finch faked his own death at least once and left behind Grace (Carrie Preston) for her own safety, and heaven knows why he’s been hiding behind aliases since he has been in college.  But, the one thing we do know now is that he regrets it.

While that case is being solved, the big shocker of the episode comes with some serious character development for Detective Carter (Taraji P. Henson).  I had always thought that she might bend the law a little bit for Reese and Finch and maybe even come on their team at least half-way, but after tonight’s episode, we now know that she’s all in.  Damn, she drugs a guy in a bar and replaces Reese’s DNA with this guy’s DNA.  Holy freaking smokes!  Kudos for you, Carter!  If I could, I would give you a high-five!

But, the drama for Reese isn’t completely over.  We were told that beginning with tonight’s episode, this would be a trilogy before the issues with Reese would be resolved, and that was correct.  Agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown) doesn’t buy for a minute that none of the 4 men’s DNA matches and orders interrogations of all 4 men.  And, guess whom he picks as the interrogator?  He selects ironically the one person he thinks he can trust – Detective Carter.  Luckily for us, Donnelly isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but for poor Detective Carter, her job is certainly not over, not even close.

Buckle down because it sounds like the next couple of episodes could be some of the best of the series.

Most Memorable Quotes 

  • “Kids aren’t what they used to be in high school.  You be careful in there, pal” – Fusco to Finch
  • “That line I crossed a long time ago” – Carter
  • “Open wide, big fellow” – Carter
  • “Your mistakes are like mine.  I can’t move on from that” – Finch to Caleb
  • “Pi.  3.14159…and it goes on and on.  Every possible number, every possible social security number is in that sequence” – Finch
  • “3.14159….My number’s in there.  You’ll figure it out” – Finch to Caleb

Person of Interest airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.


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  1. Cuttler

    It can be hard to see Carter going completely off script to help Reese until you remember that he rescued her son. A debt she probally never though she’d have a way to repay. It was nice, however, to see Finch state he didn’t want her to get involved with the rescue and yet she had it all planned out on her own. I guess Finch can put his own plans back on the shelf for the next time. And there will be a next time with how many people are after Reese.

    I’m looking forward to the interrogation knowning both Carter and Reese will play it to the hilt to protect each other. And Donnelly will be as clueless as ever.

  2. Carol

    Carter’s all out commitment to freeing Reese was a major turning point for the series, I think. She is fully invested in the team now, willing to risk her career, herfreedom, her honor, to save Reese and preserve the mission. I am strongly interested to see where the show goes with this stunning and emotional development. How will Reese react when he learns of Carter’s willingness to sacrifice all for him? How will Finch handle this turn of events? How will she deal with the reality that she is truly on the dark side of the law now? These are the kind of existential issues that make POI worth following each week, in my opinion.

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