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Heather’s 2012 TV Goodness All-Stars: Go On’s Julie White 

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

Full disclosure: I LOVE Transformers. When I had HBO, and it was on all the time, I’d lose half an hour every time it rolled around. One of the best things about it, to me, was the casting of the Witwickys. I still think it’s one of the best things Shia LeBeouf has done, and Kevin Dunn and Julie White were perfect as his parents. I can recite chunks of their dialogue to each other.

So, I was built-in ready to have White on my TV every week, though once she was, it took me a few episodes to realize it was her. The hair threw me, but the voice was still the same, and then I finally IMDB’d her and felt immediately stupid that I didn’t recognize her right away. That’s all a long-winded way of saying Julie White from Go On is my next 2012 TV Goodness All-Star.

White plays Anne, a member of Ryan’s grief support group, and she’s acerbic and funny and real and awesome. As a member of the group, Anne is the one to call bullsh-t immediately, and she’s even been network faux-bleeped for her wicked tongue. I love her. She’s begrudgingly become part of this offbeat tribe, bringing her kids to their Thanksgiving dinner, even though it was a matchmaking ruse for Ryan.

She can match Matthew Perry beat for beat and I love that the writers have jumped on their chemistry with each other. We’re only halfway through the first season and we’ve already had a couple of gem moments.

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

In “Bench-Clearing Brawl,” Anne takes Ryan to a lesbian wedding so she won’t have to go alone and the gag that Ryan is Rachael Maddow quickly turns sweet and scary for Anne when she meets someone who wants to date her. Terrified at being kissed for the first time since her wife’s death, she goes to Ryan to rail at him for introducing her, and for this new woman wanting to date and kiss her. In a fury, she kisses Ryan to rip the Band-Aid off of first-kiss jitters and his reaction is priceless.

In the holiday episode, “The World Ain’t Over Till It’s Over,” Ryan finds out Anne’s been going to the cemetery every day so he whisks her away on an RV trip to the wine country, freeing her up from another day of focused grief. Once there, they talk about how they knew their spouses were “the one.”

I’m so glad White is on this show. She’s one of the reasons Go On is appointment TV for me. Go On resumes new episodes on January 8th at 9 pm/8c on NBC, and you can catch up on the first season on and

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