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Moment of Goodness

5 Moments of Goodness from Leverage Series Finale “The Long Goodbye Job” 

Photo Credit: Erik Heinila

Consider me in complete denial that Leverage is a thing of the past. But, if this has to be a show’s series finale, then this is the way to go out — with elaborate lies, a ginormous caper, some great team moments, Sophie on stage (and she didn’t chew the scenery), and the opportunity to one up Sterling one last time. Plus, the series ended the way it began…with one big twist of course.

It’s always good to see Mark Sheppard (Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Firefly, Dollhouse) reprise his role as Jim Sterling. Sterling’s rapport with Nate is so much fun. Another guest star on board for this finale: Catherine Dent (The Shield) as an Interpol agent interrogating Nate over his team’s “death.”

I’m not going to lie. While I didn’t think that anything would actually happen to the team like Parker getting shot; Hardison falling down the elevator embankment and breaking his leg; and Eliot getting shot in brutal fashion — I did get worried there for a while. So glad that what we were initially seeing wasn’t what ended up happening. Nobody died. Thankfully. Although, for a moment there, I really enjoyed how frickin’ dark the episode got. But that’s not really Leverage‘s tone is it? Nope. And that’s why us fans love the show so much.

My five Moments of Goodness from this series finale:

1. Nate and Parker on the roof of the building. Nate’s working out how Parker’s going to zipline from the theatre roof to the roof of Highpoint Tower. She wants to know why he’s letting her in on this part of the operation. In fact, she wants to know why, lately, he’s let her in on the planning of the cons too. He usually does all that masterminding on his own. Nate lets Parker know he trusts her judgment. What he’s really doing is making sure she’s ready when he passes the torch to her.

Photo Credit: Erik Heinila

2. Nate tells Interpol Agent Casey how he knows he isn’t in a hospital. Nate isn’t the brains of the Leverage group for no reason. The guy is super smart and super observant. And he’s usually five steps ahead of everyone else even though it doesn’t always seem that way. While in custody, he’s exhibited a lot of emotion answering Casey’s questions. He has to make it look like his team actually did die. The agent is on to him. And she knows he’s on to her. She asks him how he was able to tell he wasn’t really being held in a hospital:

“Well, hospitals — take it from me, I’ve been in quite a few — they’re loud places. Since I’ve been here I haven’t heard any announcements, no alarms, no ‘ding.’ Those files that you, um, read from earlier…are supposed to be from Portland Police, but they all had Interpol coding. When you stand you adjust your little jacket. You give it a little tug to hide the gun that ordinarily would be in your holster. You’re not Portland or State Police. FBI — they like to flash their badges. And besides, I’ve been in the uh, Portland offices of the FBI. Like most Americans, you reach for your cell phone, an average of every 94 seconds. But you…you stop yourself. Your head — you give a little tell, a shake. You know it’s to remind yourself that your cell phone doesn’t work here. And that leaves only one law enforcement agency in an understaffed, barely used office in a building where cell phones don’t work. So I am in the provisional Interpol offices in the Highpoint Tower, Agent Casey.”

Brilliant, Nate.

3. The Not Death scene in the van. So this wasn’t real, but nevertheless, it was touching. That is, after Parker was shot; Hardison fell down the elevator shaft and was suffering from a broken leg and various internal injuries; and Eliot was shot running towards the van and away from the building. The three friends were in the back of the van with Nate and Sophie in the front driver and passenger seats. Hardison wanted to know if Eliot made it. They were both spitting up blood. The two started holding hands and then Parker held Eliot’s free hand. And it was awful and awesome at the same time. I just like the visual of the three holding hands at the end there. But, let me say again, I’m so thankful that this isn’t what actually happened.

4. Nate asks Sophie to marry him. The real reason Nate brought them all to Portland was outed — they were there to get the score of a lifetime — the Black Book that contained the names of all the rich men that made off with their money after the financial system crashed a few years back.

Hardison: “There it is, man, the Holy Grail.”
Parker: “A thousand bad guys.”
Eliot: “A lot of revenge in there, just waiting on a righteous man to take a swing.”
Nate: “Yeah, that man’s not gonna be me. We’re out. Done.”
Sophie: “We?”

Yes, Nate gives Eliot, Parker and Hardison the file and then proceeds to get out of the Leverage business. But not before proposing to “Laura” aka Sophie.

Nate: “For five years, I’ve been…I’ve been…”
Hardison: “Drunk.”
Parker: “Lying.”
Eliot: “An ornery bastard…”
Nate: “Yeah, all that. All that. But you — you have always had my back. Now…be on my side.” (he gives her the ring)
Sophie: “Did you steal it?”
Nate: “No.”
Sophie: “Cause…that would have been more romantic. Right, Parker?”
Nate: “I’ll uh…I’ll steal the, um, first anniversary ring. Now can I get up?”
Parker: “No, you’ve gotta say it.”
Nate: “What?”
Parker” “Say the thing.”
Nate: “What thing?” (Parker gives a look) “Oh the thing. Oh, yeah. Will you marry me, Laura?”
Sophie: “Yes. Yes.” (Nate and Sophie kiss)

By the way, Sophie’s real name isn’t Laura either or so she says. The proposal was such a nice, satisfying moment. A perfect moment for the final episode.

5. Eliot, Parker and Hardison take over Leverage. Nate not only passed the torch to the trio of awesomeness that is Eliot, Parker and Hardison, it seems that Parker’s the one that’s taking over the brains of the operation. With the Black Book in hand, Hardison suggests they take their company global and go all Leverage International on everyone. The very final scene has the three tackling a case and listening to a distraught couple much like Nate did at the end of the pilot. This time, Parker is the one sitting sleek-like in a chair saying the words Nate made famous in the series premiere that became the crux of this entire series:

“People like that, corporations like that, they have all the money, they have all the power and they use it to make people like you go away. Right now, you’re suffering under an enormous weight. We provide…Leverage.”

And so everything came full circle. I was very happy with the series finale. What I’m not happy with is the fact that this is the end of the road for Leverage. Thanks to the cast and everyone behind the scenes for the wonderful rollercoaster ride that was this show. But, there’s one thing I can’t help thinking now. Spinoff, anyone?

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  1. mary e brewer

    loved it!the best con ever! love my #Leverage!

    1. Tina Charles


  2. Amelia James

    Spinoff yes! I want to see Leverage International!

  3. Katrin Schiller

    Spinoff, more seasons, a movie… I don’t care as long as there will be more Leverage! I’m still in denial that the show ended, too. I still have hope that this is not the end after all…

  4. Natalie Leske

    Thanks to the Leverage Team for a fantastic finale. I loved all of Tina’s “Moments of Goodness.” Leverage draws fans into the Leverage world and friendships in some astounding way that makes it difficult to accept that it can be over. I won’t be alone in continuing to hope that it won’t be. Spin off? Please!

  5. Beate

    I have got to say that my favorite thing about the last episode was all the similarities, quotes, etc to the pilot. “20lbs of crazy in a 5 lb bag” is my favorite leverage quote.

  6. Age Of The Geek

    I personally would love a spin off with the three amigos taking on the bad guys. They could always bring in 2 other people to either stay with the team OR have different ones every week to help them out. And I’m sure if it was a really hard one Nate & Sophie would help them out.

    The thing I don’t wanna see (sorry Nate & Sophie Fans) is the the Nate & Sophie show, while I liked them, I much prefered Parker, Hardison and Eliot. I hope that the network, or even a different one picks up on how awesome this show is, and says to Dean Devlin, hey we stole a season 6, now get on it!!

  7. huttonfan

    no spin-off leverage is with TIM AND GINA keep it that way

  8. tet

    The finale was simply awesome! But I would love to see more Leverage. I can’t believe it’s over! We need to see that wedding and first year anniv gift stealing.

  9. Robbie Adkins

    I would definately watch a spin off, I never missed an episode, not one! Thanks for the Best Show, with the Best Cast, Best Crew, Best writers,Directors and Producers. It was a wonderful show, and an amazing Finale. I will miss it greatly.

  10. joe

    Loved the show. Would love a spinoff.

  11. Sledge

    To me the best part was the note from Sterling, letting Nate know that he was on to him all along, and yet is still letting him go, basically in the name of justice.

  12. Andi

    LOVE LEVERAGE!! I still watch it all the time. It would be great if they brought it back. Spice it up a bit and you’d get great ratings. You cant beat the underdogs saving average joe with style!!

  13. Parker&&Hardison

    I know I’m a little late but I just finished watching leverage on Netflix and I know the show ended on 2012 And it’s 2016 now but you have no idea how much I would love more leverage a show with Parker eliot and hardison and I’m pretty sure lots of more people too.. soo get on it, leverage international

  14. Parker&&Hardison

    Again LOLOLOL more leverageeeeee I miss it already and I just watched the last episode 20 minutes ago idk what do with myself now ? do everyone a favor and make what’s so over due “leverage international”

  15. Alec Hardison

    Why didn’t Hardison take over as the new “mastermind” and leader? Parker is not as intelligent and is not adept at big-picture planning and whatnot. In addition, she’s more than a little crazy at times. Hardison appeared to be the heir-apparent of Nate well before the events of the series finale.

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