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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Tony DiNozzo’s Apartment Revealed, NCIS “You Better Watch Out” 

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/CBS

Being introduced to Tony’s apartment is big news in the NCIS world. This is ten years in the making people. Yes, we can finally check that experience off the list. And what an experience it was. Tony’s apartment was classy, clean yet rather lonely. The little touches were all very Tony even though I did not expect for him to have such a light/bright apartment. It was a pleasant surprise. Some thoughts regarding Tony’s abode:

-He has a pet goldfish named Kate. I love that they’ve been keeping Kate’s memory alive the past few seasons.

-He needs to play that beautiful piano. Now. So adding that to my wish list for 2013.

-Love the way Senior decorated Tony’s apartment all Christmas like. And the fireplace = perfection.

Chinatown is the one poster he has up in his place. I approve. It’s very Tony, who loves to wow annoy everyone with his Jack Nicholson impression.

-That’s a beautiful kitchen. In my mind, Tony never has time to cook but he knows how to cook. In “You Better Watch Out,” his fridge is bare, which makes sense. He’s a busy guy — he works all the time. However, Tony confesses he doesn’t cook. In fact, he doesn’t even have all the necessary pots/pans to make a meal. That doesn’t quite mean he doesn’t know how, right? I still want to hold on to my Tony beliefs. So I’m going with he just doesn’t choose to cook. But he knows his way around a kitchen.

-That was cold pizza in the fridge, right? Nice touch. Everyone knows DiNozzo loves his pizza.

-Can’t believe he’s lived in this same apartment for 12 years. Why did the TPTB wait so long to show us?

-When I saw Tony’s twin bed I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I just can’t imagine anyone who’s not college age or younger in a twin bed. So, my first instinct was to laugh. Then I got real sad for Tony. Here’s some of the conversation he had with his dad once Senior laid eyes on the bedroom.

Junior: “Dad, this is my sanctuary, OK? If I’m gonna see a lady I will stay at her place. That way I can leave when I want and nobody overstays their welcome. What?” Senior: “You’re missing so many things. Intimacy…commitment…” (Tony calls restaurant to make reservation at the rooftop grill) Senior: “Hope it’s not my fault.”

A lot of single people live alone yet have a king or a queen-sized bed. Not Tony. So his choice of a twin bed is deliberate. His apartment is really for him — it’s another wall he chooses to put up to prevent himself from getting close to anyone. It seems like none of his co-workers have been over to his place. Or is it just Ziva? I couldn’t tell. Although, I do choose to think that Gibbs has been there many times. There was mention way in the past and Gibbs talked about how messy it was, didn’t he? Not sure if I’m remembering correctly.

-I loved the scenes with Junior and Senior at his place. I wish we had gotten even more of them dealing with their conflicts. They seem to be able to talk to other people but never to each other. Not completely anyway.

-Senior can bake (snickerdoodles). Who knew? Not even Tony seemed to know. Abby and McGee and Ziva keep wondering how Tony can not let his father in. Don’t they get there’s a past there? One that’s difficult to just get over? Junior and Senior were estranged for a while for a reason. Case in point: Senior having sex with the bloodhound that lives next door to Tony. He had the sex in Tony’s tiny bed! That’s a sacrilege in Tony’s book. I don’t blame him for getting mad.

-And I know it made for a good ending — one I totally fell for tears and all — but that was very presumptuous of Abby to bring Senior to MTAC for that little get together. That part bothered me but like I said, it did make for an amazing ending. Robert Wagner and Michael Weatherly are simply money in their scenes together. Tony actually told his dad he loved him. And they are on good ground. For now.

-One thing that didn’t sit well with me was Tony didn’t bring up the fact that Senior didn’t call him to see if he was OK after the recent explosion that rocked NCIS headquarters. Normally, I’d give this a pass but in “Namesake,” Tim asked Tony if he’d heard from his dad lately and DiNozzo said “no news is good news.” If he hadn’t heard from him at all, why didn’t we get a payoff in “You Better Watch Out?” I want to know why Senior didn’t call.

-The other thing that was missing (for me) was a great Gibbs/DiNozzo scene. Not that there needed to be one in this episode. I just wanted one. It’s been a while.

Now that we’ve seen Tony’s place, I hope it’s like what happened when we finally saw the rest of Gibbs’ house. Now every few episodes there’s action that takes place at his house and it doesn’t necessarily occur in his famous basement. I’d like Tony to go out on a limb and invite Jimmy or someone else from work over. It’s the next step in the evolution of Tony. He needs to start letting people into his life and his sanctuary more.

Sidenote1: Did you catch the fact that Ziva had a pic of the younger Tony complete with a bushy head of hair at her desk? Love that pic.

Sidenote2: Loved meeting Stewart — McGee’s friend from M.I.T. Who knew McGee was so crazy in college? Or that he was Tim the Beaver, the school mascot?

Sidenote3: Abby talked about her childhood and how she mixed family and forensics. We’ll definitely be getting that whole story in the future.

NCIS returns January 8, 2013 with the first of a two-parter focusing on Ziva and her dad.

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