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Holiday Movie Preview (NCIS Edition): A Christmas Snow [VIDEO] 

Photo credit: Trost Moving Pictures
Photo Credit: Trost Moving Pictures

Happy holiday programming alert for Muse Watson fans. NCIS fans mourned the loss of Mike Franks, Gibbs’ mentor and friend, played by Watson, when he was written out in 2011. Yesterday, I came across a Christmas movie he did in 2010 with Catherine Mary Stewart called A Christmas Snow. It’s in rotation now on cable channel GMC and airs again on Sunday at 5 pm/4 c.

The story follows a woman (Stewart) who finds herself housebound during a Christmas storm with her boyfriend’s daughter and a kindly stranger (Watson) who comes to her rescue when she’s nearly mugged. Since it’s on GMC, we can assume it’s family friendly and super sweet. The project seems to be near and dear to Watson–he’s done a stage version of it in Branson, Missouri for the last couple of holiday seasons (but it’s already concluded this year–sorry!).

Here’s a preview:

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