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The Big Bang Theory “The Santa Simulation” 

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Our favorite Pasadena scientists get into the Christmas spirit this week with the perennial holiday
favorite – Dungeons and Dragons. Leonard takes on the role of Dungeon Master and sets out on his
quest to warm the heart of Ebenezer-Sheldon. Along with Stuart and Howard, the foursome embarks on
a harrowing journey to rescue Santa from a cave heavily guarded by trolls.

Not even slutty clothing can lure the guys away from their game. Penny and Bernadette try their best
in short little dresses, while Amy busts out a classic 1992 floral number complete with granny sweater.
When their efforts fail, the girls hit the town for “ladies night,” with Raj in tow. The guys aren’t too
disappointed to see Raj leave as his D&D character is already dead, and Raj is making demands that
someone locate a “rod of resurrection” and give it to him.

The girls decide to make Raj their project for the evening. Raj is the only one not paired up, so they
think it’s time he found a girlfriend. Even with some liquid courage, Raj strikes out and has nothing to
show for his efforts except a bogus email address. At this low moment, he confesses to always liking the
wrong person, including Penny and Bernadette.

In typical guy fashion, Raj doesn’t notice that Amy’s feelings are hurt because Raj never had a crush on
her. Once again, she’s odd and the odd one out.

Meanwhile, Leonard’s plan to inject jollification into their game backfires when he triggers Christmas
memories buried in Sheldon’s psyche. Harkening back to his childhood with his grandparents, Sheldon
gives a full rendition of the carol, “Good King Winceslas.”

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Back at the bar, Amy and Raj discover that they have something in common. Rejection. The two
reminisce about the many times growing up that they found themselves ostracized. For example, Amy
remembers the time she woke up at a frat party wearing more clothes than she’d had on when she
passed out. This battle of sad stories is a tender moment between Raj and Amy that abruptly ends
when Amy’s ego is soothed because she thinks Raj now has a crush on her.

In the warped world of Santa, Stuart, Howard and Sheldon play “Jingle Bells” to bring down the draw
bridge that bars their way to Santa. They finally reach the room where poor St. Nick is trapped. Before
Howard or Stuart can act, Sheldon casts a paralyzing spell on them. Sheldon explains that he has no
intention of rescuing Santa, because Santa disappointed him as a child. Sheldon asked Santa to bring
his grandfather back to life, but instead he just brought Lincoln Logs. He caps his sad tale with a kick
to Santa’s groin. Only then does the light bulb go off for Leonard that he could have spent the evening
having sex with his girlfriend instead of getting kicked in the imaginary nuts.

Santa’s not going to let the insult pass, though. Later in the night, Sheldon emerges from his room and
sees Santa hovering around the Christmas tree. Sheldon closes his eyes while Santa gets his present
ready. When Sheldon opens his eyes, he’s staring down the barrel of a canon and Santa shouts out with
glee, “Ho ho ho, you big dork.”

This may not have been a tear jerker Christmas episode like we had a few years back with the Leonard
Nimoy napkin, but it did highlight the original dynamic of the guys hanging out together doing nerdy
things. The irony is that even when they can get girls, they’re still nerds at heart.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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  1. Parrappa the Rapper

    You said it best “The irony is that even when they can get girls, they’re still nerds at heart”. That is one of that many things that makes this show as great as it is. I love how the girls dress up, except Amy (and even if she had, it would have been pointless), trying to get the boys’ attention but with no success. I love this show!

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