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Nashville Thoughts: Relatable Leading Ladies and the Winter Finale 

Photo Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC
Photo Credit: Jon LeMay/ABC

I expected to be blown away by Nashville‘s Winter Finale. I didn’t expect to be able to relate to each of the leading ladies.  So here goes…


Rayna found out about the $2,000,000 embezzlement and feels alone in all of this. It sucks, because this is right when Rayna should be celebrating the duet leading to her new album.

Teddy was looking innocent to Rayna until Peggy overdosed. Either she’s a complete idiot or there was something going on, from her side. Her husband didn’t believe her when she warned him about the impending images (showing her and Teddy hugging) and said that it was innocent. Why not have him speak with Rayna and Teddy? I’ll tell you what I think.  Earlier that day, Peggy went to Teddy for sympathy when her husband didn’t buy her story and Teddy pushed her away, fast.

It sucks not knowing who to trust and feeling alone. Rayna is a class act and she’s gone from being the rebellious daughter (my thought from the first episode) to classy woman and role model.


Ahhhh, Juliette is still celibate, because she has a “wait until we’re married” football stud on her arm. Sean stopped by for a kiss on his morning run (sweet) and invited her to church, where she sang with the choir.  I’m impressed that she knew a song. She was invited to the family’s home for dinner and at the end of the evening got a “not our kind” speech from the mother that broke my heart.

Having dealt with my own mother-in-law drama as well as having a non-relationship with my own mother, I could completely relate to what she was going through and yelled at the television. Wasn’t very satisfying.


Gunnar kissed Scarlett after breaking up with his girlfriend. Apparently, his kiss turned her back into the shy girl we met in the first episode. Avery seems to be out of the picture; last seen on a private plane with Wyclef Jean (Dominic Wells) coming to terms with his decision to dump his band for a chance at a big break. So it’s wide open for Gunnar, unless Scarlett really isn’t interested.

The Future

Will Juliette and Rayna be going on tour together?  Creating more duets?

Will Juliette be a bride? Will Sean’s family accept her?

Will Rayna stay with Teddy?

Will Gunnar and Scarlett get together romantically or is their writing partnership over?

So there weren’t any fireworks, but it was a satisfying end to this fall season.

ABC’s Nashville returns with new episodes in 2013.

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