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Holiday Movie Preview: Hallmark Hall of Fame: Christmas with Holly [VIDEO] 

I confess. I’m a total sucker for predictable holiday movies especially for ones as adorable as Hallmark Hall of Fame: Christmas with Holly. Sometimes the Hallmark movies run a litte too cutesy for me, but I totally fell for this one. Maybe it’s because Sean Faris and Eloise Mumford are the two leads. They share an abundance of chemistry which makes rooting for their characters to couple up very easy.

Faris plays Mark Nagle, a coffee shop owner, who becomes guardian to his niece after his sister dies. The actor, who bears a striking resemblance to a young Tom Cruise, starred in the short-lived FOX series Reunion. He also appeared in a few season 1 episodes of The Vampire Diaries as well as a couple season 4 episodes of TNT’s Leverage.

What I appreciate most is that I’ve always seen Faris play the bad boy or the villain. In this Christmas flick, he’s a nice guy put in a situation that he’s not sure he can handle, so we see him struggle as he attempts to raise a six year old.

Mumford is Maggie Conway, who opens a toy shop on the island town she moved to after being jilted at the altar. It’s all work and no play at first. But it’s funny how she keeps running into the handsome guy with the little girl who hasn’t spoken since her mom died.

You may recognize Mumford from her role on FOX’s Lone Star. Unfortunately, viewers didn’t give the critically-acclaimed series a shot — only two episodes aired before cancellation. Last season, she starred on ABC’s The River, a supernatural drama that didn’t receive a renewal.

One of my favorite aspects of the movie has to be Mark’s relationship with his brothers and how the presence of their niece affects how they interact with each other. Plus, even though the locale is supposed to be Friday Harbor, Washington State, the movie was filmed in Nova Scotia. The view is gorgeous.

Hallmark Hall of Fame: Christmas with Holly premieres tonight at 9/8c on ABC.

UPDATE: Christmas with Holly will rebroadcast on Hallmark Channel on these dates — Sunday, Dec. 16, 8/7c; Thursday, Dec. 20, 8/7c; Saturday, Dec. 22, 10/9c; and Sunday, Dec. 23, 4/3c

Promo (right after The Makeover) 

Clip from movie

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  1. Heather M

    Quick note: the movie premieres next Sunday on Hallmark Channel and repeats through December, and will be available for DVD purchase in Hallmark stores starting tomorrow. (Fully aware that I’m an HHOF junkie. 😉

  2. Michele Rath

    It was sad that this wasn’t filmed in the real Friday harbor , WA. when the not so impressive ferry docked in Friday harbor it wa a horrible site. Have you been to Friday harbor? It is gorgeous.
    The sign that said Friday harbor looked like an after thought. I read the book. I lived in Friday Harbor. Hallmark you were a disipiontment to me.

    1. Tina Charles

      I totally want to visit Friday Harbor and Seattle. I’ve never been. But I’m going to have to make it a priority.

  3. Laura

    I too live in the San Juan islands. It’s awesome they put Friday Harbor out there. Just like Twilight, Forks became pretty popular. Thanks for the mention and do come visit!!

  4. Gail Lukaszewski

    OMG….my husband and I vacationed in Nova Scotia and we picked it out right away….would you happen to know the house….we stayed in a B&B that looked remarkably similar to the house in the film.

    1. Pat

      What town in Nova scotia was supposed to be Friday Harbor from Christmas with Holly? I would love to visit that place. It is beautiful. Please let me know.thanks. the G in Email is no capitalized.

      1. Tina Charles

        According to imdb (so I’m not totally sure if this information is correct) but the movie was apparently shot in Windsor, Chester Bay and Halifax in Nova Scotia.

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